Missing the hardcore of the matter, shhh no one knows the depths of Satan?

You usually find a foreigner wearing thier names an assuming thier rolls in life. Is this constitutional? Right down to their mother and father, come up and the original members die as jane foe or John Doe , and the children are told thier undocumented adopted children or mimicked step fathers and look alike but are not the same. 
is not your mother so she taken to the welfare office, because she want to adopt the American child and take the American child to foriene country's and try's to have them killed or cracked the foundation of the American family. Or terrorized us and began wars within the family, including not limited to hard illicit drugs not approved by the FDA . 

How come I keep getting this everywhere?

Strangers walking up saying "hi I'm your uncle bob". 

Honey were married but I have a new wife from Malaysia right now,  talk to you later. 

Strangers getting bed with you at night you think it's your husband and rapes you. 

That's the problem being alone? No ?

What if they took your child like your a hen and put clones and never told you.

What if the world is cracked and no one told you??
Well here they come better get off the phone, please put in a pay phone .

Please please please stop

Fractured America to bring more workers?

What is this ??


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