It's a Black market rebound coming down ie usual suspect

Note We all knew how unsettling Las Vegas can be for its habitual gambling habit. 

No one wants to support a habitual gamble must be hitting it hard all the time.
I'm not sure it's worth all of that but if anyone can afford it the casinos can.

Risky for you to become one with it but that would be an appropriate retailer.

Read artical below

Associated Press

RENO, Nev. (AP) - A group that seeks to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Nevada is launching its first ad campaign in a unique venue.

Rather than take out TV or radio ads, the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol is posting ads on the restroom walls of more than two dozen Las Vegas bars and restaurants.

Organizers say the ads use bathroom-inspired themes to get across a twofold message: that police are wasting time by going after marijuana users, and marijuana legalization would create revenue for public schools.

One ad features a nearly empty roll of toilet paper made of cash and the text, "Limited resources should be reserved for serious matters."

Another features a toilet filled with cash and the text, "Why flush money down the toilet?"

The group must collect 102,000 signatures statewide to send the matter to the 2015 Legislature.

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