This should never happen

I am an avid lover of animals pit bulls two I think there are so precious and you're very very sweet little animals and they deserve the best attention care in love but you have people who for all reasons just do not know how to care for a multitude of these animals together and they do of course fight and man was just arrested and a 367 biting animals and cocks.
Of course when you have a bull mastiff mix breed animal you're always going to have problems because the bull mastiff is one of the siring animals for these animals to make these dogs and you got to get into the mechanism of these animals and their master lock and tried to cipher what kind of the characteristics need to be changed in this dog to make them more domesticate. 
Good breeders animals have Fellin the test that the McHenry County animal shelter or the bank humane SPCA of Houston and then put down for the lack of a better home. And I am empathizing with those who have been named by these large breed dogs but I'm appealing to the owners of these dogs that when does particular traits are not adorned then those particular traits need to be bread out of the animal. Bread back down to a terrier list say The bull mastiff. Is what's really making them the underdogs and society as far as being a domesticated animal that you have to put with them gear , protective gear such is a muzzle muzzles in and collars harness is leashes and doesn't really matter if you put spikes or not that would keep other dogs off of them. 
Just wanted to say that I hate to see every dog be put down because of their tendencies and qualities that could otherwise be used as Wildhog dogs or maybe wild animal dogs but remember people you have to treat animals right or they do not relate with you and the way that they should.  But there is not one day in my lifetime where that and ever put a dog before my child and have that dog, doing it dirty deed that no one ever wants to hear about that particular dog. It's pure terrorism keep everyone who doesn't understand these animals and you doesn't take care of their animals bears the ones that should be paying the price and they are. Pitbull is not more than the only dogs that are blamed for these crimes Bureau great games and German shepherds and black labradors all kinds of large breed dogs they can do similar damages that they don't and shouldn't fight or compete for that title. 

 Peace to all dog owners and lovers and bear that what word in mind more then the one that says kill kill or destroy story okay you want to make money you don't want to make it when ill-gotten game by killing animals that are hopeless and helplessly in your control. 
 Have a great day your mama


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