I've never seen anyone braver than my dad, he has braved some of the most unbelievable things in my life. He took splinters out of my hands when I got splinters from a wooden fence. And even though some people may say that my dad was the rottenest person they ever knew, he may have had rotten but he's not a bad guy. He fought through things that I've never seen a man prays ever. He taught me how to pray. Hey Taught me how to be forgiven. He taught me how to make a joyful noise noise into the Lord. And he kept his hands and told me to Krise hands full of tears because I wouldn't stop crying. And you may think you're my father because maybe you so deceits somewhere you didn't think you sewed it. And my father is no bad man. He watched you walk off with his wife juicer on the porch. And you lived through it. For my father didn't. After having a wife and two daughters he was engulfed in problems that only men can understand. And I don't pray pretend to know what he knew. Not like my dad justthe way he was. Before too long the pain and the endurance was really hard on him. But he kept on going.  You see my father was a Christian man and he excepted prices his personal savior right on the deathbed, he would not let me see let me fall he would not let me stumble. And we went hungry a lot of times. But the Lord provided. Don't you see what this world is become, it's priceless in yet it's a curse to die, this a world eventually will swallow us all home. Will all eventually meet our maker, and judgment will befall us every time we do something wrong. But two wrongs don't make a right and three rights make a left. I send my father to heaven and you beseeched me called him nothing but hell. He is a lot of people's hero you'll soon find out my father was framed for murder. He spent his whole life in jail. And nothing would fuck that system. Well soon enough it'll fuck itself. As all things go there is always a happy ending at the end of the rainbow. Trust no work eventually this hell will end. 
Unless it's the work of Christ. God bless you all and have a blessed day yours truly Tannie Gwin-dykema.


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