Thoughts for today

Remember where people gave way food items and clothing items and shoes and stuff like this to the needy the handicap the disabled and then you had those who cannot receive this stuff because they were caught being greedy
Remember how those items seem to be less and less on the shelf sort of like going to buy batteries during a hurricane
The impact on society is that the prices keep going up for a single item. 
And then something about that particular note in the thieves mind makes him dream excessively about getting away with the big crime. The one that's going to put them on easy street. 
But hey no big deal all jewelry is insured in a jewelry store. 
It's Christmas all year round for some people. 
Why can't people be more responsible and plan for their children in their feud food in their futures before they get here why do they have to go with the Darwin theory of natural selection and natural sex. 
Are we believing in the modern science of health or are we believing in something more to the effect of the planet apes?
And can we trust these new methods of health and to preserve our lives or are they going to be inevitably the end.
When getting something as simple as a pain pill is almost obsolete, and psychotropic medicines are the rave of the future. 
Certainly you want to clean to something like that because of the past 60 air and now in the year 2000 we have to deal with more psychotic drugs on the market, and the legalization of marijuana in its high potency concentrates. 
All these things seem different topics been in one saying life one persons life is troubled by all of these things while the doctors go home and sleep peaceably on their new sleeping pills or their  Ambien or whatever do you sleep well at night knowing this?

How many sleeping pills you have to down just to get to bed at night? And does your medication work for you without the alcohol to boot? 
Are you on that vicious Circle of never coming back Are you wanted those people who have to face reality without the aid of a pain pill or sleeping pill or couple of drinks at night? 
I do not know very many people that strong. Everyone has a hard time facing reality and finds it sometimes a weakness, 


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