There are not any jobs for the disabled

Medication come up missing at a local community clinic and the person who stole was identified but swept under the rug then they made an offer to an unknown for the sum of money to take the fall for the missing medication. Has justice been served?

These last two emails depicts the scenario that make up part or whole of the problem.

Most people want to escape the pain they are in and "trigger" are important but majorly painful.

It is as good as a gun and an assailant who uses it to get the job done. 

Your officers are inflicting horrible pain on the citizens of Montgomery county and by leaking private information to the public about would be other harmless people with psychological problems like children who were victims of abuses or car accidents or anything like that.

Only being aware can ward it off, that's why I urge people who are numbing the pain with street drugs to stay sober . 

Fights they don't want to fight they self medicate with street drugs. Wind up in misdemeanor court,too. 

Most part is it's always someone else's fault and they never claim the biggest fights with self. Never won a battle a day in his life because he couldn't control himself, everyone takes pity for this type and everyone gets pity fucked, till they simply cannot take it anymore.

Much like a child who grows up with crippled parents .

But some things do still grip the Mind as being more unsettling .

And I do not want to be a union with it.

Ps Tri county discharged me on the bases that I was well. 


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