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Security alert do not travel stay put!

People wise enough to understand you may have been inoculated with a live vacine virus that does not produce antibodies until your hosted virus attacks you from exterior modes. Your body may be protected but your homeostasis is a germicidal battleground. Host of multiple viruses strains including HIV  lively living among you. Any deviation from the health depts steps and plans is almost certain death.  Still communicable and portability probable.  Please do not have sex open veins these orange areas. 
Usually refers to state local government projects. 
National security alerts

Why can't you see

If this life was worth living for its worth dying for its worth everything just to see your face just to be able to love you and touch you and tell you , even it were for a fraction of time. When it should have been so much more.We are pleased to meet your acquaint enhance, my ugly ole sins will never part .  You'll always do this in remembrance of me. Now clean up you ugly ole mess lets get to work. Love Arcadia

Don't tell me what to do I already know...

If you told my mind to fix us pink coton candy, it would do everything in its will to fix you pink cotton candy. 
Pink cotton candy
Mommy even in a time of war it sat right down And made pink cotton candy