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A wind scamper made by Tannie 2014

See it hanging in a tree softly blowing and writing stories on the wind.

Boy I will be so glad when psycho theropy

Is over we're all going to get a fork in our legs and turn us over and we are done!!

Most people do not fight the nightmares

Rather than be tormented by them they do exactly as the voices say to do (wake up)it takes years to unravel a psyche like that terrorist that women have had to deal with these days. It's psychological warfare. Between a woman and a man and if you've never had children or been married you might not have to go through it. See it's the grand plan that scares people what "if's " we do something to the contrary ? We did something about it but it never stopped or let's assume it would stop?? It's because the old bastard is still alive ( in us)when they die we are freed. Unfortunately in most cases it's a case of missing identity who done it kinda thing. (Who threw raw eggs at Janie's house or who wrapped ole papas tree) Then you have all the bastards thugs to deal with. (Answer the damn question) He's kinda built himself an army. He's not even USA American he is considered for all practical purposes dead.  Which made him even more lethal.(da…

Fucking bats

Stop nicking us, we aren't your dinner!!

Recent trip to ER

Them ambulances are due for an exaust inspection and overhaul. The paramedic needs to bring in his prep bag.  I.v. 'S emergency and oxygen  there needs to be at least one wheel chair per hall wall. Or cots double handled .  Emergency kits on premises. The sidewalks and yards need to be hosed down and yard cleaned.  So hospital was the same you have to ask for what you need. Too damn dry of weather and gases rising up from the apartments.  Panic attack  breathing problem failing medulla ablongata.from head trauma. 

This spring for bld two

We are going to use kalsomine in the garden and white wash rocks and plant a few Long standing friends perhaps fall time a few willow trees. Ph balance user friendly areas. Add a picnic table and designate safe tri zones.  Start smoking outside!

Not an uncommon story from South America but Montgomery county??

Police: Mother killed 2 children in exorcism feared the devil The Associated PressJanuary 19, 3:31 PM The Associated PressGERMANTOWN, Md. — A police captain says a Maryland woman accused of killing her two children has told investigators that she thought an exorcism was necessary to remove the presence of the devil.Capt. Marcus Jones of the Montgomery County police department said Sunday that Zakieya Latrice Avery made the statements during interviews with police. Jones says another woman charged in the killings, Monifa Denise Sanford, has made similar statements.Police have said the women believed they were performing an exorcism. Jones says police recovered two knives from the home after responding there Friday.Two children, ages 1 and 2, were found dead and two others were injured.The women face charges of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder. Both were being held without bond.Court records do not list attorneys.

Dad bring me some stank bugs

Pink cotton candy driving me crazy!! 
Match box twenty one!