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I love this place

Montgomery county, I'd feed you on a silver platter if I could.
I hope you all feel the same way about me.

I give the orders round here now you lister to me!!!

Frankie boo boo if I tell you to sit on that corner you better sit on that corner!!
Frankie says anything for you!!! Can we have a quarter of chicken for dinner?? We can have chicken dinner any time!! Let's have pizza instead? Ya won't to??

Wine women and song

There are enough women in the world today for every man to take to his fancy.
You may think that woman does not have position in life but that a very bigot idea.
There are women of all walks of life to the very lowest esteem, women are uniting every where in the world to form a perfect union and self supportive reflection of our era. It I'd not women liberation as you seen before but a woman revolution.
You men will be pleased with our efforts.  Thank you .

Archaic words of wisdom

Here is an interesting point  kids don't know the difference between a doctor or a thug if they both wear white and have a syringe full of drugs. Same goes for officers and gangsters we can't read I To your past no more than you can read mine.  But once we find out what you are we are challenged and full of courage. We are blessed to be free !!  
Kinda like oh so you are the devil huh?

Devastating keeping in the know!!

Branch Davidian VictimsThe number of deaths resulting from the events at Waco is over fifty percent of the total American casualties in the Gulf War. But unlike the Gulf War, the Waco disaster resulted from people being killed by Americans, rather than by foreign troops.
April 19, 2001 Memorial Pictures!
Come explore Mt. Carmel, it's visitors, the survivors and the ruins. In the honor of the living and the devistated.

Another view of wind scamp 2014

Wind scamp is away of loosing track of time and worry valentines display place valentines day cards from admire red flowers artificial or real anything you want to express during valentines day will set upon the wind in the dry season. Happy valentines day people. 

Comment :I don't want to be Jesus ! I don't wants even stand in the same room with him! Know what I mean??

In some senses of the word, the bible seemed a little before it's time. No one looked at the intelligence factor of being pre dated, in an era that was pre historic.  It is hard to perceive what mankind would fascinate himself with if he were left in an age where loneliness fed into the need to acquire intelligence, or how intelligent anyone could be if certain pre cursors were not present to distract from the ability to retain information. The mind becomes a friendly place that absorbs and wraps it's way around the whole ideology of the book, and perhaps that's why it is the number one selling book in USA and quickly other foriene countries.  Though do not be misled into thinking that mankind possessed the kind of intelligence that the historical hero's in this book possessed, for it almost seems as if it were two separate phases of creation and culling of the earth. One man cannot contain so much wisdom without preparations and homeostasis and heterostasis of complete …