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Libra the scales are tipped in your favor

And it's exactly what I wanted!!

For all you dawg lovers

The last I heard was the largest litter of pups was 18 weimerainers, which are regal dawgs. Cross bred black Labrador and grey hound .     ****The largest litter of puppies is 24, all of whom were born on 29 November 2004 to Tia, a Neopolitan mastiff, owned by Damian Ward (UK) and Anne Kellegher (Ireland) of Manea, Cambridgeshire, UK.They were born by Caesarian section, one was still born, three died in the first week. There were nine females, 15 males in total. Tia's full name is Abellatino Arabella. The father is called Caesar.***+*+That's a lot of after births to consume.But are you sure that the South American human traffickers are not part coyote? Because that is what they are called, and I heard that they are even shape shifters among them .Myth or legend? If you can prove this there would be good money in it for you!Now you've heard that some people have a certain kind of face that seems to be that kind of face that seems to be familiar or looks like a face of a few…

Litmus test

9 minutes agoDetails "Opportunity knocks Sometimes only once in a persons life",
Were on the eve of holograms, and teleportAtion as in "The fly" , but I'd be happy at this moment with  an evaporative cooler?
 True or false

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Figure this out?? Native Indian medicine wheel

I am not separate from My Creation Any more than from your thoughts Are separate from you. I am not the Reality behind the World But the Reality that is in it. For I am in the World with you In all your life Wherever you are Wherever you go Wherever you look. You can find Me in the Moon And in the Stars The brings forth light Out of the Darkness. You can feel Me in the breeze That kisses your cheek. You can hear me in the flowing waters That refresh and renew. The tiny seed that grows to a mighty oak Contains My power And the bud that blossoms forth in flower Enfolds My fragrance. I am with you now In the ever-changing Present That is true Eternity. Closer than the breath That brings your body life. Closer than the thought That springs within the mind That ignorant men can finite. Closer than the beat That keeps your heart in tune. For I am to be found Nowhere But where you are. For I am the One that is all. And can be seen in all. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Don't go fishing !! Montgomery County moccasins !

I know what you would do to a poor helpless man , you would take his fish and eat it all by yourself while your mother stood on the bank and fought off all the water moccasins. Never mind the Hook you lodged in your own fathers heart. Do you mind ? Stop smacking your lips at me!!

Lol dad them snakes caused us to warp the barrel of that gun and when tony showed up with it and pointed it loaded  at my head it was a narrow miss. Ps I was pregnant 16 weeks with your first grandson! Thank you lord thank you dad for shooting all them water moccasins out at strake lake.  My sons dad also reciprocated on me by throwing kitchen tiles at my belly.  Surely they are the ones that should go without supper. Though now I understand the real meaning behind the saying, "he would have been dead along time ago but the devil wouldn't have him!!" He just too damn mean to dye." Daddy! Thing is if he said don't go fishing, you better not go fishing. He said, "Is there nothing that you d…

The wiccans wife

She very competitive, 

in a field of work, that is going to hurt someone that I love. I cannot compete, and she can be in two places at the same time alive but I cannot and You cannot live through your son in the same flesh without killing him, though your father can.this is the wind!! Of the Wicca witch of white magic,  But jealousy turns white magic Into something much worse.  His attempt to dethrone a professed white Wicca witch of the fourth generation killed them all because he is dabbler in magic, and he didn't know the consequences. But his father did... And he and his father were not on speaking terms . Having a son was a curse to the lineage of a fourth generation of living female Wicca witches!! Thank god!!! But like I said he dies in the end as he alway does and has so many times before.
"It's a girl" was his first blatant lie he ever told his wife . It was not!!  It was a hemaphrodite, in a set of twins.  The power her husband felt rushing through him. He thought…

My Goth is all about you now

My goth is all about you now. Don't be discouraged , or dismayed we will be together again if not in This life in the life hear after.  There must be a hole in time that we will escape together forever . Hardest habit to break is your own . As old habit refuse to die , withering plans grow cold. Perhaps theY will stale out before my husband gets the stench of the matter. gotta let old blue eyed devil in  just to see if they be any changes in the future of your life. Sincerely Taen 

Only the most precious in the world "the blue hope!! "Diamond.

And the most cursed in the world today!! The Curse of the Hope Diamond By According to the legend, a curse befell the large, blue diamond when it was plucked (i.e. stolen) from an idol in India - a curse that foretold bad luck and death not only for the owner of the diamond but for all who touched it.Whether or not you believe in the curse, the Hope diamond has intrigued people for centuries. Its perfect quality, its large size, and its rare color make it strikingly unique and beautiful. Add to this a varied history which includes being owned by King Louis XIV, stolen during the French Revolution, sold to earn money for gambling, worn to raise money for charity, and then finally donated to the Smithsonian Institution. The Hope diamond is truly unique.Is there really a curse? Where has the Hope diamond been? Why was such a valuable gem donated to the Smithsonian?Taken from the Forehead of an IdolThe legend is said to begin with a theft. Several centuries ago, a man name…

See moo moo I made all by myself 2013

There is no pattern. 

Headless horsemen rose? Yeah!

To the occasion to accomplish your Wicca deeds, did you get my Wicca deeds?? Horseman!! Yes!!!! I hope so see you soon !! Love sa-Taen  ! S.a.m. I amHeard old habits are hard to break! Well it's a new habit that's 
Killing me.

Freddie pendergras "till the last tear drop falls, Por favor!

People of the United States of America I'm deeply moved by a death of Hoffman today Hoffman was a imaginary childhood friend of mine today but in my past I used to play with the boy it was like Mr. Hoffman which put me on trail where I am at this moment I am very deeply moved by his death. Some people do not appreciate these things in life that I depleted such as the Cottontop generation but it was the word Truman that really struck me today and I began to read about Harriet S Truman , are 33rd president of the United States. Taking a look at history and the step back in time this area in Texas used to be considered south as in southern as in Alabama as in Missouri as in Louisiana and Texas we are the southern eastern part of the United States and a Bible Belt comes through here. By people think that Jesus and freedom is not alive in a lot of these people in this world particularly in the south oh what a revolution we have going on when we start having revivals. I testimonies go t…

Frankie dawg don't know no better!!

Follow me I got your chocolate!!!! Nanananabooboo....

My favorite dawg

Of all mastiffs I love this one breed.  Seen a movie of a bank robber who bred and trained dobies was quite impressive. But I can't have one cause I am an apartment dweller.

I got your "L" awesss,

You cannot be lawless in Texas !!!Only 1% of the whole world is completely lawless.  You sware your a deputy sheriff I'm suppose to believe that after one of your brothers shot my friend dead???
So go to hell big "L" your name will no longer be . johnny lawless, your too damn awesss... So you must be Johnny law!!! In movies rated Only PG. 
Cha cha cha!!!