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To the old to the new to the borrowed to the blue!

According to this map would put you in the republic of Texas . Somewhere beneath a starry night lay a southern bell child held tight to a veil. That thy twinkling in thine eyes matched the heavens star light bright. I wish I may I wish I might have this lady for my wife . Amen  What does the German word froline? Answer If you mean frauline, then it is an affectionate term for woman. 

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Nein! Eine Fraulein ist ein Dame ohne Ehemann. Eine Frau ist ein Dame mit Ehemann.


a "fraulein" is an unmarried woman, a "frau" is a married one. It's also okay to call waitresses fraulein because German waitresses are usually young women who haven't been married yet. .................................... An essential element of the Southern belle was social grace. They were always good-mannered and could make any guest feel welcome.[2] The "Southern belle" epitomizedSouthern hospitality, a cultivation of beauty, and a flirtatious yet chaste demeanor.[3]The ope…

Six buzzards and biting flies

There's my Kotex!! And now?
There is six buzzards and biting flies gone now. No he's just overworked and underpaid!! **************************************************
The Hatfield–McCoy feud (1863–1891) involved two families of the West VirginiaKentucky area along the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River. The Hatfields of West Virginia were led by William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield while the McCoys of Kentucky were under the leadership of Randolph "Ole Ran'l" McCoy. Those involved in the feud were descended from Ephraim Hatfield (born c. 1765) and William McCoy (born c. 1750). The feud has entered the American folklorelexicon as a metonym for any bitterly feudingrival parties. More than 100 years later, the story of the feud has become a modern symbol of the perils of family honor, justice, and vengeance.

Breeders 4h club

Thems not rabbits, that good ole Kerr dawgs..... I have no defense . But , my cuzin "Curley the pit bull" does!
Don't box me in no more. He was caught chewing on dad's pre used insulen syringe , if the needle don't get ya Frankie the insulin will.  We had to pull needle out of your predessesors anus.  Diabetic. Shock anyone today?
It's always a bad hare day.

Uh oh now that's the trouble!

New stuff being doled out by doctors, water soluble codeine with out acetaminophen , fox reports. Make them run for the doctors.  Acute pain? You don't want no more??
I like melantonine. Let's go get some clorophylle.  Valerian root. L tyrosine . Benedrylle. Ibuprophen pm. Bur-bur.
Then we'll go get forkin leg!!
Don't it make your brown eyes blue??

Trust yourself?

Enough to talk about my father?Is like living your life in a mine field... It's totally unheard of.

Prayer works! Even when I don't . Faith.


Nobody looks that bad now do we??

P Ain't it a bunch of cocci??

Woman? What's it. Suppose to say? I didn't do it!!?

Woman who faked cancer sentenced to 1-year term February 20, 12:03 AM SANDUSKY, Mich. (AP) — A judge sentenced a Michigan woman to a year behind bars Wednesday in an "almost mind-boggling" scam that tricked an insurance company and swindled big-hearted people in small communities who believed she was dying of cancer.