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My mind likened into a vortex of the sky!!

Who is crossing time zones, pushing back time? Who knows tunnels best? Weather ? Who can put your whole life in double jeapordy? Put your life on edge? Or even a plane? At an unknown glacier cliff ? Similar Vortex, below. 

On our minds today and a brief word from a preacher we frequent on Sundays came word of "the end is near", people will vanish and it is likely a person standing right next to you. Will you be left behind?Lead right to the news that morning of the maylasian plane disappearance. I personally did not watch the news this morning but as mystifying and perplexing as it may sound to unbelievers, or hostile christains who demand to know the answer we must put this in perspective. Open forum came a note of prophesy:Which said, we are in remembrance of how death has captured our thoughts so many times before, to mention john Denver , and a few others how would you have us see this? Realistically as so a person steals a car, so has the jet been stolen as not to aberra…

Wait a second I got I mean you got personality!

Yep that's what you get when you kick your best friends out of the house, you loose your good personality and several months rent.

Wait a minute, god bless you thank you !

Amen dig in! We're not in the mood to take care of Charlie Manson's crew are lit homicidal maniac and I really feel bad about that,  Because it's you is you,  Let's think that I have some kind a learning disability that you have to subject me to the all these insane cruelty, As I sit in this garden, you ask me if I wanted a chance? Which I've always wanted , Paul was sick and almost gone. Grandmom is Leaning on the phone.  All my money is almost gone.  Should I should I should I ? Show up in court stoned? She left home long time ago?  What is she who is he as babe what is it make any difference who they are? Them's my parents look at em?? Aren't they cute? I love it when they smile, Isn't it funny how time changes everything?  Your my Moss hanging in the tree.. Dawg barkin sing... It's a bigotree that's just you and me. With little Mexican treats. Come on dig in let's eat.

From unknown to twilight zone 3/2014

To whom it may concern,  I know that Christianity does not condone or believe in abortion at any age even when it's regarding cloning or otherwise Genetics, this is my plight.       And again as a mother of the age of 17, in 1981 I was faced with a difficult dilemma and decision. Even though my husband worked he was addicted to marijuana, The constant battling his own demons and my family drove us to the brink of disaster, we had very little to eat and no place to sleep.our families were in a constant state of disagreement. And I was freshly out of youth correctional facility. Located in NASA Texas, and Houston international hospital, where I had done a stent for addiction to drugs myself.  Women today are not the same and as the usual women of old days and I was carefully restate that is being OL E, not all women are able or comfortable with Baring and children.  And yet this remains true when faced in a religious aspect with the overbearing burden of caring for children even though …