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Class acts make big denari

Baby people ask you why you didn't make it in music industry Tannie when you have such a beautiful gift your voice and your appearance, why didn't you try harder? First of all my intelligence is to perceive myself but sometimes I wonder if I don't have artificial intelligence.  I've known some things ever since I was a child and hey children should not know!
"Domination by people for profit or gain"there many people today that used domination tactics for profit or gain, particularly in the artistic fields.  Where money can be slid under the table and not calculated by the federal government. This is a sad fact. And this is why there are several reasons why I stopped 1)profit or gain no one paid me.  2) because it's an ego trip  3) that it a power over its victims and 4) rape is included in the domination trips sexual domination over mates during sexual intercourse.  It is as it seems the more beautiful or intelligent or useful the more valued the person is to the …

Peculiar but not for communist

Man with first name ‘God’ runs into credit-rating issuesIn this Has a tone of treason, it is clear that most people do not refer to God as being a man from New York! And simply because a dog spells God backwards doesn't make him mightier than thou. Even if it's dyslexic. The church is involved in this and no communist will stay in between God and the church, but God is not this man here in New York and God is omnipresent and Plural so for all practical purposes we must change our name adoni,  ,Jehovah, but not this man this man must not change his name ,  listen this man will not change his name and he will use it to treason the current or Equifax. 
By Selim AlgarApril 11, 2014 | 4:39am Modal Trigger God Gazarov, who is suing a creditor for not accepting his first name as a valid name, stands in front of his Coney Island Avenue shop in Brooklyn on Thursday, April 10.Photo: Byron Smith A Brooklyn businessman is suing the credit-reporting agency Equifax for falsely reporting him as …

How much money do you want????


Oh yeah! What do you think that's gonna work on me this time?


Probably cause they incarcerated the boys real relatives, dropping human psycho bombwith a tall order

SPRING, Texas (FOX 26) — A 5-year-old boy from Spring who investigators say was nearly starved to death by his father and stepmother with begin living with his biological mother despite evidence she regularly smokes marijuana.The decision came from Harris County Family Court Judge James Lombardino who says the state will retain legal custody of the child until he's convinced Windy Hall and her fiancé can provide a drug free environment for the child.The results of drug tests released at the hearing revealed both were pot smokers.The boy, who weighed only 29 pounds when he was rescued, will live at the home of a great aunt while his mother takes parenting classes and submits to random drug testing."I think everyone can agree that they did things that they were not proud of. That is not the case now. Jordan will be in a drug free and safe environment," said Hall.Hall also revealed during the hearing that she has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, a fact which concerns …

Genetically coded, help my unbelief

The subject of homosexuality lesbianism is far from being over in any terms. Still there is much to learn about why where when what and how , lawless came about. Lawless this is not entirely unwelcome in society. 
And homosexuality lesbian is not totally unappreciated in some circles.   There are many angels in this world but not all angels are called to do the same thing when Angel might be the angel of war the next angel might be the angel of death the next angel might be the angel of fire and so on and so forth. But not all angels are considered to be called Satan or Lucifer.  Certainly there is an angel they govern homosexuality lesbianism.  For all practical practical purpose of a call this angel the angel of genetic code. If there is no genetical code supporting the findings of homosexuality lesbianism. Then it is what I called on Orthodox or aberated truth. There are 66 books of the Bible in chronological order if ephesians falls before Romans as in sequence to occurence and it does…

Father to son

Son you have to live in a shed till we clean up the house!
But dad there is no toilet in the shed?? Well you better invent one or we will be swimming in this shit forever, Good idea dad !!

Your daily dosage of hell!!

Brother how confuse you have been are you from Mexico why are you here in Texas?    An old man sitting in lawnchair and as he sat with his Bible in his hand and lap and his finger graces the lines of the page While he reads, notices the woman standing beside him, and he ask what is your name young lady?      He pauses and says "God gives grace and insight into these problems Lord for he who looks up is asking for your help."And he looks up into the woman's face she gazes a him and notices that he's entirely blind.       The same changes ,the world changes ,and so must I, and eye.                 EYE LORD EYE Exodus 21; 24 and I for an eye tooth for tooth hand for hand foot for foot burning for burning wound for wound stripe for stripe.       Leviticus 19;18 vengeance is mine saith the Lord I will repay.  Deut. .32;35 with what measure you mete it shall be measured to you again. 
Fear of the Lord is good. 
God is slow to wrath
Dear bretheren we are of the same congregation and…

More fun at the end of son's of guns!

Many controversial subjects are being seen in the Gazette of Colorado Springs Colorado newspaper I'm beginning to wonder if that is where all controversial subjects are briefed and and put into like. the subject of marijuana and medicinal marijuana and the legalization of marijuana and secondly gun control laws and the Second Amendment they got lots which I will put an excerpt in this particular entry. Firearms sellers testify about background check burdens, call new laws unconstitutional£what did he say? Constipated }  That's all it looks like to me Rufus!! By Megan Schrader DENVER - The first week of a trial about two new Colorado gun laws concluded Friday with the plaintiff resting and the state calling the first two witnesses from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.At issue is whether two provisions in Colorado's new gun laws - the ban on high-capacity magazines and the requirement for gun sellers to perform background on customers - are outside the Second Amendm…

Swedish. Valhund and bishon

Come on let's go get fork in leg!!! "No" let's go get some nooky.... Nooky nooky?? Cookie!!! Looky???look Mom no balls!!! I am amazed at you!!!
Stop laughing I'm "the bouncer",  But my cousin is "curly the people" ... I mean "curly the pitbull" ...  Stop laughing!!!   
LAUGH UNTIL WE CRY, ....I cannot say that word!! 
It didn't hurt at all!!