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Class acts make big denari

Baby people ask you why you didn't make it in music industry Tannie when you have such a beautiful gift your voice and your appearance, why didn't you try harder?
First of all my intelligence is to perceive myself but sometimes I wonder if I don't have artificial intelligence. 
I've known some things ever since I was a child and hey children should not know!

"Domination by people for profit or gain"there many people today that used domination tactics for profit or gain, particularly in the artistic fields. 
Where money can be slid under the table and not calculated by the federal government. This is a sad fact.
And this is why there are several reasons why I stopped 1)profit or gain no one paid me. 
2) because it's an ego trip 
3) that it a power over its victims and
4) rape is included in the domination trips sexual domination over mates during sexual intercourse. 
It is as it seems the more beautiful or intelligent or useful the more valued the person is to the dominating person , which create certain revenues for the person who is dominating and a certain fields yield higher income such as prostitution ,erotic dancing ,modeling , acting , even politics and music.
Education is more subtle aspect but similarly used all the same. 
There more and more people seeking these avenues to generate revenue for their own needs and often these needs are met secretly, when they find out if they're being dominated  to break contracts with these people Or bonds and ties.  Often this is when it becomes very violent. 
The secret avenues are through managers pimps and higher authority figures, Who taken all the money, then dole out a percentage of that money back to that submissive, subordinate. Many can walk the walk and talk the talk but they cannot keep a contract or their word and the submissive winds up being robbed in the process. If they are not sub dominant, and cannot take care of themselves.
These things have linked into the mainstream of the family units estranged or not are in the family's unawares. 

These managers and pimps are often nonbiased equal opportunity for these people children and adults alike learn to some as if Candy to babes. The weaker ones fall to tragic end, they don't last long and more like a generic fill until they get something better or for those dominants who are not exactly criteria of a pimp... Which become more like a Con game. 

Domination tactics are harmful to health and Claim many lives every year!

There are buyers sellers abusers and users. 
Not women or men are predominantly guilty because women and men are equally as guilty as the other.  Because they allow this type of thing in our society today. 
It is sad this happens on American soil the land of milk and honey of prosperity and freedom.

This is not subject to certain walks of life of people but all people and human trafficking is part of it. It is not just slavery of the black , was slavery of the whites ,slavery of the brown yellow and all walks of life. 

How much money you make depends on the tethers and shackles that you can Endure for prolonged periods of time. 

Therefore do something that you enjoy with your life and don't let this hold you back. 

Be your own man! 

Peculiar but not for communist

Man with first name ‘God’ runs into credit-rating issues

In this Has a tone of treason, it is clear that most people do not refer to God as being a man from New York! And simply because a dog spells God backwards doesn't make him mightier than thou. Even if it's dyslexic. The church is involved in this and no communist will stay in between God and the church, but God is not this man here in New York and God is omnipresent and Plural so for all practical purposes we must change our name adoni,  ,Jehovah, but not this man this man must not change his name ,  listen this man will not change his name and he will use it to treason the current or Equifax. 

A Brooklyn businessman is suing the credit-reporting agency Equifax for falsely reporting him as having no financial history because their system rejects his first name — God.

God Gazarov — a Russian native who was named after his grandfather — claims that the company has stubbornly refused to correct the glitch after more than two years of anguished calls and correspondence, according to a Brooklyn federal lawsuit to be filed Friday.

Despite having scores of more than 720 with the two other major credit agencies, TransUnion and Experian, Gazarov said the Equifax snag prevented him from purchasing an Infiniti car last year.

“It’s extremely frustrating,” Gazarov told The Post. “I worked hard to get good credit to look good to lenders and this happens.”

The owner of a Brighton Beach jewelry store and a graduate of Brooklyn College, Gazarov, 26, said an Equifax customer-service representative had the gall to suggest that he change his first name to resolve the issue.

Gazarov was forced to file a lawsuit against the company because it refused to accept his name as legitimate, said his attorney, James Fishman, of Fishman & Mallon.

Equifax did not return calls or e-mails seeking comment on the case.


What would he think if he learned of a woman named "satan"?
Commonly, the woman's name was not satan but references name calling in school as being the biggest pSychological  battery. 
Credit was not affected. 

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Oh yeah! What do you think that's gonna work on me this time?

Probably cause they incarcerated the boys real relatives, dropping human psycho bombwith a tall order

SPRING, Texas (FOX 26) — 

A 5-year-old boy from Spring who investigators say was nearly starved to death by his father and stepmother with begin living with his biological mother despite evidence she regularly smokes marijuana.

The decision came from Harris County Family Court Judge James Lombardino who says the state will retain legal custody of the child until he's convinced Windy Hall and her fiancé can provide a drug free environment for the child.

The results of drug tests released at the hearing revealed both were pot smokers.

The boy, who weighed only 29 pounds when he was rescued, will live at the home of a great aunt while his mother takes parenting classes and submits to random drug testing.

"I think everyone can agree that they did things that they were not proud of. That is not the case now. Jordan will be in a drug free and safe environment," said Hall.

Hall also revealed during the hearing that she has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, a fact which concerns Child Protective Services.

"If the pot doesn't stop, it's over for them. This child cannot be traumatized any more than he has already been traumatized," said Jared Woodfill, court appointed attorney for Hall's son.

The next hearing in the case is set for May. Hall says her son is set to be released from the hospital later this week.

Criminal charges are pending against the boy's father and stepmother.


Remember I am not your resterant, you cannot order anything you want without having to pay a heavenly price. 

But even eye would give you a glass of warm milk and a warm fire and two arms to cuddle up to.

I have psycho and my eyes red white and true blue, of course infallible emotions I will never release on you.  

I will order up a banquet and pay with two hairs from a bush of kitty Katz .

But even eye would give you a glass of warm milk and a warm fire and two arms to cuddle up to.

You burned all my pot, smoked all my bowls, 

Now I'm your waitress for life, but not your wife. ...

Love you kiddos!!

Bleeding human emotion putting too much value in things that is not valuable and depreciating the most valuable things in life. 

People your values are screwed up. 

Genetically coded, help my unbelief

The subject of homosexuality lesbianism is far from being over in any terms. Still there is much to learn about why where when what and how , lawless came about. 
Lawless this is not entirely unwelcome in society. 
And homosexuality lesbian is not totally unappreciated in some circles.  
There are many angels in this world but not all angels are called to do the same thing when Angel might be the angel of war the next angel might be the angel of death the next angel might be the angel of fire and so on and so forth. But not all angels are considered to be called Satan or Lucifer. 
Certainly there is an angel they govern homosexuality lesbianism. 
For all practical practical purpose of a call this angel the angel of genetic code.
If there is no genetical code supporting the findings of homosexuality lesbianism. Then it is what I called on Orthodox or aberated truth. There are 66 books of the Bible in chronological order if ephesians falls before Romans as in sequence to occurence and it does then the adoption process was predetermined and predisposed to strategically be in such order Ephesians before Romans . 
If so agree say yea yea!!
Know what I'm trying to basically say is that the mother of notorious prostitution was the cause of homosexuality and lesbianism. And all the kings men. 
That where as abstinence was the best policy no one could abstain. 
The hunger and unquenchable desire was accordingly too much for man-to bare. 
But now science knows there is a genetic code to gender and gender does not always represent the sexual organs in genetic code. 
But does recognize female as "XY" male as is being it's "XX". 
And Toby Keith wrote a song called double XL, which was quite unusual considering it had no genetic code except for "x".

in mathematics it all adds up, and more particularly true when you consider homosexuality and lesbianism,  where as they have been quoted as saying "I am a female in a males body", which in some cases held true. It is my belief that any altercations of this genetic code is considered "unknown gender"more or less female because we know that all embryos are not formed male from conception but female XY which evolved into male gender during gestation of the time Of 40 weeks. 
And now bearing in mind the biblical facts how far mankind his trade has strayed from logical natural applications between male and female are as indicated above and below in brackets.
Contributing factors to alter genetic code:

{Being born premature
Genetical gene splicing
Human inbreeding 
Human beast relationships 
Chemical warfare birth defects
Radiation exposure
Medicinal exposure
Occult maladies and aberrations
Sexual deviancy
Carnal sin
Predispositions to drug addiction}

Wow homosexuality may be not totally unacceptable and society, and in some circles well-liked. He was turned to the worship of Baal in the bible. Also if we must also look at Sodum and Gomorrah. 

But genetical comes in the DNA strand printed out on our computer. There we find confirmation of our children and our genetics and gender. 

And here is my recommendation that we should print out to a DNA test and the genetical strand are all now and in the future as in a barcode or otherwise,  like baby footprints on our birth certificates since the footprint on baby certificates has been obsoleted

"Genetical code". And matched with their parents. 

And this should produce a general revenue for future babies being born in United States of America,  and this instrument process should be produced and utilized in ultimate security facilities, 

Now you have heard prophecy of revelations when man kind was put in a position to believing God or of the Antichrist received a mark on your head well these genetic codes have been the question in the back of minds of Christians for very long time. 
And I hypothesis and prophecy of some. 

And the Mark of the beast 666 is the weight of pure gold being handed from one person to another. 

Unshakable kingdom infallible face and God and man, has never caused anybody anything.  What is cost mankind is a lack of trust and the lack of faith in mankind. 
And this un trust has been brought on again by notorious prostitutes. 

God is the word and the word is with God,  let he who happened ear hear what is being said to the churches . Across the world and across every  denomination. 

If you omit the word dog or animal or cow , you have the simplex of psychological problems that stem from the above{}

Continued reading:

Pros and Cons of Inbreeding

Copyright 1996, Sarah Hartwell

Adapted with permission from Cat Resource Archive

Inbreeding is the mating together of closely related dogs, for example mother/son, father/daughter and sibling/sibling matings. For breeders, it is a useful way of fixing traits in a breed—the pedigrees of some exhibition dogs show that many of their forebears are closely related. For example, there is a famous cat by the name of Fan Tee Cee (shown in the 1960s and 1970s) who has appeared in more and more Siamese pedigrees, sometimes several times in a single pedigree, as breeders were anxious to make their lines more typey. Superb specimens are always much sought-after for stud services or offspring (unless they have already been neutered!), having won the approval of show judges.

However, inbreeding holds potential problems. The limited gene pool caused by continued inbreeding means that deleterious genes become widespread and the breed loses vigor. Laboratory animal suppliers depend on this to create uniform strains of animal which are immuno-depressed or breed true for a particular disorder, e.g. epilepsy. Such animals are so inbred as to be genetically identical (clones!), a situation normally only seen in identical twins. Similarly, a controlled amount of inbreeding can be used to fix desirable traits in farm livestock, e.g. milk yield, lean/fat ratios, rate of growth, etc.

Natural Occurrence of Inbreeding

This is not to say that inbreeding does not occur naturally. A wolf pack, which is isolated from other wolf packs, by geographical or other factors, can become very inbred. The effect of any deleterious genes becomes noticeable in later generations as the majority of the offspring inherit these genes. Scientists have discovered that wolves, even if living in different areas, are genetically very similar. Possibly the desolation of their natural habitat has drastically reduced wolf numbers in the past, creating a genetic bottleneck. 

In the wolf, the lack of genetic diversity makes them susceptible to disease since they lack the ability to resist certain viruses. Extreme inbreeding affects their reproductive success with small litter sizes and high mortality rates. Some scientists hope that they can develop a more varied gene pool by introducing wolves from other areas into the inbred wolf packs. 

Another animal suffering from the effects of inbreeding is the giant panda. As with the wolf, this has led to poor fertility among pandas and high infant mortality rates. As panda populations become more isolated from one another (due to humans blocking the routes which pandas once used to move from one area to another), pandas have greater difficulty in finding a mate with a different mix of genes and breed less successfully.

In cats natural isolation and inbreeding have given rise to domestic breeds such as the Manx which developed on an island so that the gene for taillessness became widespread despite the problems associated with it. Apart from the odd cat jumping ship on the Isle of Man, there was little outcrossing and the effect of inbreeding is reflected in smaller-than-average litter sizes (geneticists believe that more Manx kittens than previously thought are reabsorbed due to genetic abnormality), stillbirths and spinal abnormalities which diligent breeders have worked so hard to eliminate.

Some feral colonies become highly inbred due to being isolated from other cats (e.g. on a remote farm) or because other potential mates in the area have been neutered, removing them from the gene pool. Most cat workers dealing with ferals have encountered some of the effects of inbreeding. Within such colonies there may be a higher than average occurrence of certain traits. Some are not serious, e.g. a predominance of calico pattern cats. Other inherited traits which can be found in greater than average numbers in inbred colonies include polydactyly (the most extreme case reported so far being an American cat with nine toes on each foot), dwarfism (although dwarf female cats can have problems when trying to deliver kittens due to the kittens' head size), other structural deformities or a predisposition to certain inheritable conditions.

The ultimate result of continued inbreeding is terminal lack of vigor and probable extinction as the gene pool contracts, fertility decreases, abnormalities increase and mortality rates rise.

Selective Breeding

Artificial isolation (selective breeding) produces a similar effect. When creating a new breed from an attractive mutation, the gene pool is initially necessarily small with frequent matings between related dogs. Some breeds which resulted from spontaneous mutation have been fraught with problems such as the Bulldog. Problems such as hip dysplasia and achalasia in the German Shepherd and patella luxation are more common in certain breeds and breeding lines than in others, suggesting that past inbreeding has distributed the faulty genes. Selecting suitable outcrosses can reintroduce healthy genes, which might otherwise be lost, without adversely affecting type.

Zoos engaged in captive breeding programs are aware of this need to outcross their own stock to animals from other collections. Captive populations are at risk from inbreeding since relatively few mates are available to the animals, hence zoos must borrow animals from each other in order to maintain the genetic diversity of offspring.

Inbreeding holds problems for anyone involved in animal husbandry—from canary fanciers to farmers. Attempts to change the appearance of the Pug in attempts to have a flatter face and a rounder head resulted in more C-sections being required and other congenital problems. Some of these breeds are losing their natural ability to give birth without human assistance.

In the dog world, a number of breeds now exhibit hereditary faults due to the overuse of a particularly "typey" stud which was later found to carry a gene detrimental to health. By the time the problems came to light they had already become widespread as the stud had been extensively used to "improve" the breed. In the past some breeds were crossed with dogs from different breeds in order to improve type, but nowadays the emphasis is on preserving breed purity and avoiding mongrels.  

Those involved with minority breeds (rare breeds) of livestock face a dilemma as they try to balance purity against the risk of genetic conformity. Enthusiasts preserve minority breeds because their genes may prove useful to farmers in the future, but at the same time the low numbers of the breed involved means that it runs the risk of becoming unhealthily inbred. When trying to bring a breed back from the point of extinction, the introduction of "new blood" through crossing with an unrelated breed is usually a last resort because it can change the very character of the breed being preserved. In livestock, successive generations of progeny must be bred back to a purebred ancestor for six to eight generations before the offspring can be considered purebred themselves.

In the dog fancy, breed purity is equally desirable, but can be taken to ridiculous lengths. Some fancies will not recognize "hybrid" breeds such as the white or Parti-Schnauzer because it produces variants. Breeds which cannot produce some degree of variability among their offspring risk finding themselves in the same predicament as wolves and giant pandas. Such fancies have lost sight of the fact that they are registering "pedigree" dogs, not "pure-bred" dogs, especially since they may recognize breeds which require occasional outcrossing to maintain type!

Implications of Inbreeding for the Dog Breeder

Most dog breeders are well aware of potential pitfalls associated with inbreeding although it is tempting for a novice to continue to use one or two closely related lines in order to preserve or improve type. Breeding to an unrelated line of the same breed (where possible) or outcrossing to another breed (where permissible) can ensure vigor. Despite the risk of importing a few undesirable traits which may take a while to breed out, outcrossing can prevent a breed from stagnating by introducing fresh genes into the gene pool. It is important to outcross to a variety of different dogs considered to be genetically "sound" (do any of their previous offspring exhibit undesirable traits?) and preferably not closely related to each other.

How can you tell if a breed or line is becoming too closely inbred? One sign is that of reduced fertility in either males or females. Male dogs are known to have a low fertility rate. Small litter sizes and high puppy mortality on a regular basis indicates that the dogs may be becoming too closely related. The loss of a large proportion of dogs to one disease indicates that the dogs are losing/have lost immune system diversity. If 50% of individuals in a breeding program die of a simple infection, there is cause for concern.

Highly inbred dogs also display abnormalities on a regular basis as "bad" genes become more widespread. These abnormalities can be simple undesirable characteristics such as misaligned jaws (poor bite) or more serious deformities. Sometimes a fault can be traced to a single male or female that should be removed from the breeding program even if it does exhibit exceptional type. If its previous progeny are already breeding it's tempting to think "Pandora's Box is already open and the damage done so I'll turn a blind eye." Ignoring the fault and continuing to breed from the dog will cause the faulty genes to become even more widespread in the breed, causing problems later on if its descendants are bred together.

In cats, one breed that was almost lost because of inbreeding is the American Bobtail. Inexperienced breeders tried to produce a colorpoint bobtailed cat with white boots and white blaze and which bred true for type and color, but only succeeded in producing unhealthy inbred cats with poor temperaments. A later breeder had to outcross the small fine-boned cats she took on, at the same time abandoning the rules governing color and pattern, in order to reproduce the large, robust cats required by the standard and get the breed on a sound genetic footing.


Inbreeding is a double-edged sword. On the one hand a certain amount of inbreeding can fix and improve type to produce excellent quality animals. On the other hand, excessive inbreeding can limit the gene pool so that the breed loses vigor. Breeds in the early stages of development are most vulnerable as numbers are small and the dogs may be closely related to one another. It is up to the responsible breeder to balance inbreeding against crossings with unrelated dogs in order to maintain the overall health of the line or breed concerned.

Because of abbé rant mental defects in humans you may find patients who have endured many treatments not limited to scar tissue from surgeries in the brain. 

Note: inbreeding incest and rapes
By relatives of relatives or aberrant inbred mentally deranged humans or even inquizative want a be or maddened geneticist. 
This could be possibly the worst that could happen!!

Or murder rampant across the face of the earth. 

This is where law enforcement became interested.

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Father to son

Son you have to live in a shed till we clean up the house!

But dad there is no toilet in the shed??
Well you better invent one or we will be swimming in this shit forever,
Good idea dad !!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Your daily dosage of hell!!

Brother how confuse you have been are you from Mexico why are you here in Texas? 
   An old man sitting in lawnchair and as he sat with his Bible in his hand and lap and his finger graces the lines of the page While he reads, notices the woman standing beside him, and he ask what is your name young lady?
     He pauses and says "God gives grace and insight into these problems Lord for he who looks up is asking for your help."And he looks up into the woman's face she gazes a him and notices that he's entirely blind. 
     The same changes ,the world changes ,and so must I, and eye. 
               EYE LORD EYE
Exodus 21; 24 and I for an eye tooth for tooth hand for hand foot for foot burning for burning wound for wound stripe for stripe. 
     Leviticus 19;18 vengeance is mine saith the Lord I will repay. 
Deut. .32;35 with what measure you mete it shall be measured to you again. 

Fear of the Lord is good. 

God is slow to wrath

Dear bretheren we are of the same congregation and we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

As Able was to Cain and Cain was to Abel, until the unthinkable happened at which time Cain slewed or murdered Able. 

Leviticus 19;18 says that vengeance is the Lords  and I will repay but what it doesn't say is that the Lord has planned his attacking vengeance in your behalf and that you and your in no circumstances are God or the Lord as in
Greek mythology or Roman mythology, which means is two separate things mythology and theology. 
"You are not God and neither am I"

In Genesis chapter 4 verse 10 God said what have you done the voice of your brother cries to me from the ground", well as we all know the dead does not speak from the ground nor does his blood, so what was God talking about here? 

Is there some form of malady or benevolence malevolent this to death that we as people are sensitive to and furthermore God is sensitive to. You have just head portions of  versus chapters through but stop and  say to yourself my friend,  you should be very very wise by now , what you have just witnessed is the first martyr ever recorded on earth in Genesis chapter 4 verse 8. 

Hey man sitting in a chair extended his right hand and said hi my name is ________. 
And I have retinitis pigmentosa I was born this way with this disease and I'm gradually going to be completely blind. 
Lord Lend  your eyes we need insight into these problems.
Later on the woman return to him and said yes I have heard of these problems, before trouble with the occult in Mexico ?Matamoros from Warez Mexico?
You must think of us as a fool would be ...USA Texas and Republic , we've heard about you yes ! I am unempressed but we call  these eye problems the "evil eye", even the Mexicans recognize it as such.

Are you not as hindered as some such as Hellen Keller who struggled to excel her disabilities and enlighten the world with her efforts?

Some believe she prophesied of others who were going blind she said you're going blind because you have not accepted the truth about your blindness, because you witness to a terrible incident and partook in it you saw the fighting stick and held it in your hand and pointed directly at a clerk in a store and pulled the trigger and you are cursed by it because you shot a man. 
And I tell you this with the authority of Christ because I feel that you also intended to kill again. 
But let me break this evil like curse  for you my friend so you can see the face of the person you intended to kill and freely he went away sorrowful , in buked because no two religions are identical.

Mankind does not know the hour and God will call upon him and his feebleness thinking there will be another chance for him to be saved but ignorantly turns away and refuses to be saved being left behind Matthew 24:42

So in conclusion my brethren we slept together we rest in the same house we work together and we fight together but if I pluck your eye out and youpluckine out neither of us could see to help each other or any other or even ourselves. 

That's why I believe Jesus came to correct the law, for as an time goes by laws become obsolete and they have to be looked at again for what law do you know Of stands in existence but is it dysfunctional? For the time of this day and may not be working but in a time of tomorrow and it may be  working exceedingly well as in it was the day it was written. 

So according to Exodus 2124 "justice is blind" some say,  and then considering such a man as being justice we are supposed to feel for our brothers and sisters and empathy and sympathy and not let him wander about the streets blind stumbling over the lame, sick , the helpless and the poor. When in a day you saw Justice helping you when you were sick when you were helpless and you were poor and when you were to far they came and carried you out that burning building.     

    .....the system has revolted and doled out capital punishment for capital crimes and you sat there and felt vindicated for what he done but these are eradicated feelings and these are feelings that you must seek help from a cycle of pathological problems , psychological battery,  from our psychologist of today , and this may take you more than a lifetime to undo. Because when you take a life whether at the point of a gun or electric chair Or through an intravenous needle, there is no coming back!!! You cannot change the death of another person.  Particularly if it is a very violent death such as at the end of the gun.  Think about it people. Many have fallen to these "eye" "I " problems. 
Be careful !
Usually it is "I "want ... "I " need... Me first... Eye candy... I I I eye.....

Now read deut. 34;35
With what measure you mete it shall be measured unto you again , endlessly I would add. 
Ever heard of the word "hail?"

Hail !!

I'm sorry , how deep is the depths of Satan these days anyway these lies?

The answer is no no matter what the want is this is the way it is  in north Americans Way today. 

Never turn your back on a friend.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

More fun at the end of son's of guns!

Many controversial subjects are being seen in the Gazette of Colorado Springs Colorado newspaper I'm beginning to wonder if that is where all controversial subjects are briefed and and put into like. 
the subject of marijuana and medicinal marijuana and the legalization of marijuana and secondly gun control laws and the Second Amendment they got lots which I will put an excerpt in this particular entry.

Firearms sellers testify about background check burdens, call new laws unconstitutional

£what did he say? Constipated } 
That's all it looks like to me Rufus!!

DENVER - The first week of a trial about two new Colorado gun laws concluded Friday with the plaintiff resting and the state calling the first two witnesses from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

At issue is whether two provisions in Colorado's new gun laws - the ban on high-capacity magazines and the requirement for gun sellers to perform background on customers - are outside the Second Amendment's realm of "reasonable restrictions."

In this particular issue those that need protection don't get protection and those who have protection Are never bothered, but those who need protection and cant get protection are often questioned mostest and are the ones that really get the jobs done. 

Don't you point your finger at me!!!

Women's live itinerates.

"A Man walks into a bar is this down and started talking to the bartender bartender said I  belong to the sons of Sam's club another guy piped in said I belong to along to the Sands of anarchy, and a third guy said well live along to the sons of a gun. Shut the heck up and lets drink." 

I believe I'll a "snake bite" thank you very much!

Swedish. Valhund and bishon

Come on let's go get fork in leg!!! "No" let's go get some nooky.... Nooky nooky?? Cookie!!! Looky???look Mom no balls!!! I am amazed at you!!!
Stop laughing I'm "the bouncer", 
But my cousin is "curly the people" ... I mean "curly the pitbull" ...  Stop laughing!!!   

LAUGH UNTIL WE CRY, ....I cannot say that word!! 

It didn't hurt at all!!