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This is heartbreaking

This. Is heartbreaking!!

FBI Top Stories: National Missing Children’s Day 2014

FBI Top Stories: National Missing Children’s Day 2014

Holding onto a feeling!

How. Would you feel if your best girl went away, how do you think I feel?? Lost within a tangling web of massive confusion only to remember just how lonely I've been ....saving it all for you!!!I'm not sure you'll ever return to me. 
Unquenchable unthinkable to loose this same thang we've been for so many years. Saving myself all for you...
And you what are you gonna do??
Who will be with you now that everyone is gone???
Me I don't think Jesus ever died , He walks among us all the timeCatch him in the corner of your eye Hear him whisper in the wind your name He may have came all the way from Nazareth just to say  I love you ,  The romance will not end And he cares for us.

Freshly arrived in Angelina county

With plenty of things to keep me cool . The sun is baking down I'm on foot  my shoes giving way to the many miles . 
God blessed me with shelter from the searing blistering beat. 
It's a hard life for a woman of my age which is slowly creeping up a hill of midlife crisis.  Has anyone ever told you there's just some responsibility you have to refuse.  When you're living in a shelter there's not much you can do just hold on to Christ is all your life. Perhaps I will lose the war but I win the battle. May the smallest army win.  I'm thinking my newly found friends what is the best way to be when nothing seems appropriate for them.  And after two days I see the road they have chosen not all bad. 
God bless the Poor lord today!!