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Here's one pussy cat you can't screw!!

Don't screw the poochie, in all it's awe,
One Bad pistol! Here's your Saturday night special!! Warped barrel and all. Isn't that a nightmare?

Saving emotions- I love love you!

Emotions and bipolar and unipolar,This is where personal opinion matters nerves impulses spinal fluid and brainstem, are interconnected to emotion, the heart, intestinal.  That the brain has a defense mechanism and during a defense mechanism approach you'll  begin to feel anger,pain, a flow of mixed emotions.    Note that I am not a doctor and I am not qualified to verse my opinion upon the subject, however being bipolar and unipolar gives you some type of expertise on this particular subject.     Emotion can be attached or unattached which is sometime clearly displayed by a person who is an actor or actress, it is also said that a nurse or a doctor has to become unattached emotionally to their patients. This is why a doctors ability to not become overwhelmed by a patient who's prognosis is inevitably death within a certain timeframe. This has become the problematic situation for a lot of different patients and doctors relationships, meaning relationships as in a professional leve…