Friday, June 20, 2014

Fifty years turns a world upside down

A Byte Out of History
50 Years Since Mississippi Burning

Sometimes answers show up with a mixture of different pieces different puzzles and how I discovered this was because our minds are relatively like this when we try to sort through problems. 
Criminals are like this sometimes too because usually they have a disturbance within the brain, that tries to hide the answer from even the most suspected. 
And I don't want to right along thesis on this but I do want to say just by looking at pictures with you sometimes jog our memory into telling the story that we once forgot. Emotion wells up with inside of us because that's where the puzzle meet, 
Siri says goodbye peace draw me across the other side from here on out some people believe that the grass is greener on the other side 50 years can lay to rest a troubled mind. 
Unfortunately I remember the year 1968 better than any other year. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Go ahead and sock em!!!

C what eye mean??

Give it to them right in the ole kisser! 

Equality in a woman's liberation

Here's some of the things to beseech me when a man and a woman living by themselves go out and spend $239,000 on a new home while thier handicapped daughter is living out on the street possibly in a ditch somewhere possibly strung out on drugs or medications and prescriptions drugs. These are some of the things it don't look good on the people. 
Here's another thing the beseeched me the same daughter their family marrying foreigners first and foremost immigrants, While the unmarried daughter living in the streets has to deal with his  sore foreigners or Oriental people making come on and black people making come ons that the woman is fair game simply because her brother-in-law married and had children with what similar to be a mail order bride. All these things seem so nice and so realistic when the shoes are on that side of the fence but when somebody else has to wear the The leftovers of these situations it doesn't wear well and make it very unplausable For when these situations such as marriages are not kept to their promises and makes it bad and hard on everyone not just the poor misfortunate woman who came from Ethiopia and had six children with the white man from Texas let's just hypothetically say so. It all seems like a fairytale come true until something negatively happen such as divorce. And this seems also plausible because the man has been divorces before. Or when you ventured down to the bottom of the pit so to speak maybe that  the pit is called skid Row by now and you see a white man in your neighborhood selling Taiwanese children and women to other men. 
Where you see A woman rolled for her paycheck or her disability check in her own state she has no protection whatsoever from migrational workers or people from other northern states. 
These are just a few of the things to beseech me. 
Good day god for bid and good riddance. 
For I am such as one who is so lucky in love. 
The end:

To some of us life in mascarade

To others it's just a game to play let's keep it interesting !!

Monday, June 16, 2014

What does it mean?? To be disabled ??


Travis Leete
Policy Analyst
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Dear Members of the Committee,
Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to present testimony in favor of S.B. 1682,
an effective policy that will

relieve judges of burdensome administrative duties while providing greater oversight of indigent defense delivery.


As per Article 26.04, Code of Criminal Procedure, judges in Texas who try criminal cases are required to screen attorneys for court-appointment eligibility, assign appointments in individual cases, make compensation decisions for appointed attorneys, and control access to investigators and experts. However, the judiciary is intended to be an objective arbiter in the courtroom, influencing neither the prosecution nor the defense.

Also under Article 26.04, counties are authorized to establish indigent defense systems that (1) are based on the default rotation model, (2) include a public defender office, or (3) fit into the definition of an “alternative program.” A managed assigned counsel program does not qualify either as a default rotation system or an alternative program because, under such systems, Texas statutes require judges to screen defense attorneys seeking to receive appointments. A managed assigned counsel program also does not qualify as a public defender because it does not itself provide legal representation to defendants.

Where they so choose, counties should be explicitly authorized to create and operate managed assigned counsel programs, through which the judicial obligations above would be handled instead by a government office or nonprofit agency independent of the judiciary.


  • Lubbock County has established a pilot managed assigned counsel program to represent mentally ill offenders. According to Texas’ Task Force on Indigent Defense, the program has been successful and the county wants to expand the program to handle all indigent criminal cases.

  • Montgomery County’s Managed Assigned Council Program, which was approved for funding in 2010 by Texas’ Task Force on Indigent Defense,1 will soon begin providing specially trained defense attorneys, case management services, and investigators to support eligible, mentally ill defendants. The program’s overarching intent is to address, in a cost-efficient and humane manner, the 30-35% of jail inmates in Montgomery County with documented mental health issues, a large percentage of whom are indigent.2

    The concept for these assigned counsel programs came from San Mateo County, California, which has successfully implemented this type of service. The initiative has proven to be an exemplary model by which to provide indigent defense services.

  • Independent assigned counsel programs come closer to meeting national standards for public defense services than do the judicially managed assigned counsel systems now common in Texas.3

  • The programs in Lubbock and Montgomery Counties cannot be implemented as true managed assigned counsel programs without this legislation, which will also assist other counties seeking to implement such programs.

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