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I've never seen anyone braver than my dad, he has braved some of the most unbelievable things in my life. He took splinters out of my hands when I got splinters from a wooden fence. And even though some people may say that my dad was the rottenest person they ever knew, he may have had rotten but he's not a bad guy. He fought through things that I've never seen a man prays ever. He taught me how to pray. Hey Taught me how to be forgiven. He taught me how to make a joyful noise noise into the Lord. And he kept his hands and told me to Krise hands full of tears because I wouldn't stop crying. And you may think you're my father because maybe you so deceits somewhere you didn't think you sewed it. And my father is no bad man. He watched you walk off with his wife juicer on the porch. And you lived through it. For my father didn't. After having a wife and two daughters he was engulfed in problems that only men can understand. And I don't pray pretend to know…

Do not use deet as in off on Mosquitos

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Curse my cricket you ole black cat!

It was a ladder PTSD can live with it can't  live without it.
Yesterday out of thin air jumped a cricket, I started laughing as it crawled and jump under my trailor. 
Your a lucky cricket I'm gonna let you go..
This morning came a female black cat crossing my path, 
I wish you would get out of here you cursed my cricket.  
While Frankie dawg sat on my lap I guess Frankie didn't see him.
Kitty here's a little yum yum for ya as I place a frisbe full of nibbles and bits out under the porch.

During a time of sufferage

A litter of shih tzu are born
You know you might not think that a dog will see the humans need for affection and love that it always happens this way. 
Dogs are great companions and when they are treated right they are the most loving animals on the planet with the exception for cats. 
Mankind is taken affectionately to these animals because they create love for people who don't have it and have been suffering for a long time and animals are great way to show your appreciation for someone you love. 
Of course some people don't take to animals are dogs or cats or horses some people like in it inanimated but everyone on the face of the planet loves love except those who do not understand.
Sometimes people who don't understand simply because they've never had an animal pet companion. 
But there is a fostering program at the SPCA and MCas, and even pet shops quite a bit on puppies and dogs and cats and birds and whatever you want.
I personally was raised having some kind of pet a…

Tussled officer survives opposing man dies

Note to readers: it's almost certain death to wrestle with a police office who is armed, might as well count on them for one thing only three hots and a cot. Don't do it bubba!

An off-duty deputy constable shoots a man during a confrontation in northwest Harris County. That man later died at a hospital.The Harris County Precinct 4 deputy constable, who was working as a security guard at the Village in the Woods apartment complex on Lakewood Forest near Grant Road, approached the man at 2:45 a.m.After the deputy constable determined that he needed to arrest the man, that man resisted and began to fight with the deputy constable.During the fight, the deputy constable pulled out his weapon and fired two gunshots into the man's midsection.The man who was shot was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital where he died. The deputy constable was taken to Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital in stable condition with multiple scrapes and an injury to his back.

The war has just begun to this family (life isnot all that it's cracked up to be

Following a standoff that lasted several hours in a north Harris County neighborhood, one man was arrested in the shooting deaths of six family members, including four children. One 15-year-old girl who survived the shooting incident is in a hospital.

Ron Lee Haskell, 33, who was taken into custody after he surrendered to the Harris County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday night, is charged with capital murder in the death of 34-year-old Katy Stay.
Harris County Precinct 4 deputy constables arrived to a home on Leaflet Lane in the Spring area in response to a reported "in progress shooting" before 6 p.m. on Wednesday. Inside the home, they found the bodies of Katy, her 39-year-old husband Steven, and three children who were shot. Two other children who were shot were taken by Life Flight medical helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital - Texas Medical Center where one of them later died. 
The 15-year-old girl who survived the incident identified the shooter and told Pct. 4 deput…

Accused drug dealer won't buy pot or smoke it universal corruption

Associated PressDENVER (AP) - Colorado is smoking pot by the ton, and visitors are, too.Colorado's pot regulators issued what is believed to be the world's first post-legalization market study for the weed on Wednesday. The study relied on sales data from Colorado's first three months of recreational marijuana sales, while previous pot market studies relied on survey responses because the drug is illegal."This study finds total marijuana demand to be much larger than previously estimated," Colorado's study concluded.The study estimated that total market demand for marijuana in Colorado is about 130 metric tons a year. That's about 121 metric tons for residents and almost 9 metric tons a year for visitors. These figures include medical and recreational marijuana.Marijuana has an average market rate in Colorado of $220 per ounce, authors concluded.The estimates were nearly a third higher than one recently projected by the state Department of…

How they get the records by way of offering free gifts

It was thrown away like trash, folders full of personal information. What do you think? Is your social security number, salary and employment information trash? One company now has some explaining to do after private files were found in a dumpster. "Copies of drivers license, copies of social security cards, banking information," explains Zachary Hailey as he lists all of the personal information on documents he says he found in a dumpster at the Wilcox Apartments on 610.Hailey says the folders full of personal information were "filed" right there in the trash bin at the Wilcox Apartments. "Two boxes. I have 150 maybe 200 folders," adds Hailey. Hailey says the folders came to his attention as people gathered around the trash and were removing documents. He then took as many boxes as he could to secure them and he started calling the people listed on the paperwork."I'm not happy. I'm not happy," says Clarice Anthony in frustration. Anthon…