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I love North Carolina

I am not going down without a fight, Leave in peace or read me my rights,Just say no if you can't say no say nay,Say anything but say ok.
Are you alright uncle?Yesterday a black man was gunned down in south carolina by an armed policeofficer. The black man was tazed the ran away and was shot in The back.

Do not believe in the crackstitutional

If it's cracked then it's catalysts is gas propelled.
No gas bullets! No harm done. 
Electric company says they are using gas to propell thier electricity to residents in Montgomery county. Ie TPP on six pines road. 
I got on the subject an got quickly off of the subject of how badly damaged our constitutional really is and how cop cams can be very dangerous for the officer. Trust me it ain't no bed and breakfast club . Officers need to maintain their personal identity . Cause they can be exploited too and worse. It's all or none. You can't tear it up and then paste it together again. Have cracks in the paper ,no,no,no.  You can't kill someone and bring them back.
I call that such eject the unthinkable subject. Stay on the right side of the law.
Common stance . Defendant on the left. Plaintiff on the right.

Missing the hardcore of the matter, shhh no one knows the depths of Satan?

You usually find a foreigner wearing thier names an assuming thier rolls in life. Is this constitutional? Right down to their mother and father, come up and the original members die as jane foe or John Doe , and the children are told thier undocumented adopted children or mimicked step fathers and look alike but are not the same. is not your mother so she taken to the welfare office, because she want to adopt the American child and take the American child to foriene country's and try's to have them killed or cracked the foundation of the American family. Or terrorized us and began wars within the family, including not limited to hard illicit drugs not approved by the FDA . 
How come I keep getting this everywhere?
Strangers walking up saying "hi I'm your uncle bob". 
Honey were married but I have a new wife from Malaysia right now,  talk to you later. 
Strangers getting bed with you at night you think it's your husband and rapes you. 
That's the problem being …

Does your mother tongue represent your mother country

Invest in travelers checks.western union.
How much interest do you have in America ?

Several things that crossed my mind today

Some of the best foreign-policy has been abandoned and I think that there should be some kind of foreign-policy in Texas,If one way doesn't work we always need to think of other ways , this is how America was built.  cut and dry about foreigners coming today to America they've always fought against it because it's vain to bring in immigrants but that is more like a Great Britain rule, not American .  And Parlament is no longer in existence but cause we had the House of Representatives. And Obama is not democratic or republican he's more communist. You'll soon see this in This is a perfect demonstration of what it would be like if we had a communistic roll. But because am the policy of the holy Bible is not being advocated in schools, has always been the curriculum outside of the Pledge of Allegiance which is constitutional and American. Americans have a religious moral fiber that is  insurmountable but it doesn't belong in the classroom of a mathematics class it d…