Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I love North Carolina

I am not going down without a fight, 

Leave in peace or read me my rights,

Just say no if you can't say no say nay,

Say anything but say ok.

Are you alright uncle?

Yesterday a black man was gunned down in south carolina by an armed policeofficer. The black man was tazed the ran away and was shot in The back.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Do not believe in the crackstitutional

If it's cracked then it's catalysts is gas propelled.

No gas bullets! No harm done. 

Electric company says they are using gas to propell thier electricity to residents in Montgomery county. Ie TPP on six pines road. 
I got on the subject an got quickly off of the subject of how badly damaged our constitutional really is and how cop cams can be very dangerous for the officer. Trust me it ain't no bed and breakfast club . Officers need to maintain their personal identity . Cause they can be exploited too and worse. It's all or none. You can't tear it up and then paste it together again. Have cracks in the paper ,no,no,no.  You can't kill someone and bring them back.
I call that such eject the unthinkable subject. Stay on the right side of the law.
Common stance . Defendant on the left. Plaintiff on the right.

Missing the hardcore of the matter, shhh no one knows the depths of Satan?

You usually find a foreigner wearing thier names an assuming thier rolls in life. Is this constitutional? Right down to their mother and father, come up and the original members die as jane foe or John Doe , and the children are told thier undocumented adopted children or mimicked step fathers and look alike but are not the same. 
is not your mother so she taken to the welfare office, because she want to adopt the American child and take the American child to foriene country's and try's to have them killed or cracked the foundation of the American family. Or terrorized us and began wars within the family, including not limited to hard illicit drugs not approved by the FDA . 

How come I keep getting this everywhere?

Strangers walking up saying "hi I'm your uncle bob". 

Honey were married but I have a new wife from Malaysia right now,  talk to you later. 

Strangers getting bed with you at night you think it's your husband and rapes you. 

That's the problem being alone? No ?

What if they took your child like your a hen and put clones and never told you.

What if the world is cracked and no one told you??
Well here they come better get off the phone, please put in a pay phone .

Please please please stop

Fractured America to bring more workers?

What is this ??

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Several things that crossed my mind today

Some of the best foreign-policy has been abandoned and I think that there should be some kind of foreign-policy in Texas,
If one way doesn't work we always need to think of other ways , this is how America was built.
 cut and dry about foreigners coming today to America they've always fought against it because it's vain to bring in immigrants but that is more like a Great Britain rule, not American . 
And Parlament is no longer in existence but cause we had the House of Representatives. And Obama is not democratic or republican he's more communist. You'll soon see this in
This is a perfect demonstration of what it would be like if we had a communistic roll. But because am the policy of the holy Bible is not being advocated in schools, has always been the curriculum outside of the Pledge of Allegiance which is constitutional and American. Americans have a religious moral fiber that is  insurmountable but it doesn't belong in the classroom of a mathematics class it doesn't belong in the classroom of foreign-language especially when it comes to our children. On the Bible interpretation is everything . The tabernacle that or synagogue that Jesus talked about an Bible were overran by marketers this made Jesus very angry and he lashed out destroying the market place . 
School Does not say that you cannot have a show and tell day or a mother and father's day that does not speak about God or if Jesus wanted to go into the educational board and speak about as a special guest you could do that. MexicoChina in Malaysia all of them countries are communist, Dominicans are different than Great Britain are they not. Great Britain is a country we war with or debate And quite frankly Jesus was the lamb and he is the one we protect as in our children are lambs. 
Here's the real problem not the fact that we cannot have extra curriculum in a math class but that their attention needs to be undivided with that specific study and if that study is Math then you stay on math. Because of much debate and controversy between the curriculums of the educational board historical and scientific. There are special schools for religious upbringing and education such as the monasteries and Catholic schools they have all this there not trying to do away with all that, that it's more or less considered culture and biblical history and science that is changing in America. Because it is a historical fact that many many different cultures came to America, that we all believe in the days of old that one culture would be taught in the educational system and that culture would be American United states of America which includes Hawaii. Not the Islamic faithnot the Muslim face not the Dominican face, or faith . But the American face faith. 
So you should not do this is that you cannot have a school on top of what was already was deemed a church,  simply because their grants and loans that you can get to uphold those practices . But you can put a church on top of the school some establishments have already been deemed churches, and those churches practice what they believe in any religion whether it be Muslim or Christian or Catholic or Jewish. And communist do not have religion not the practical sense of what we defined as religion are more like rituals. Basic understanding must come from basic learning. You cannot jump ahead and add things to it the way you want to because it is a curriculum. That curriculum must not change in the educational board. It must not teach foreign-policy and let's not teach Russian it must not teach things of their country but of American country. The exception of language which occurs should occur in college. No longer are you hearing the American language or English language spoken in schools but more a broken version more Spanish more French  and those kind of languages are in a terroristic section of the world. Children should not have to answer foreign-policy terroristic questions that adults should answer  that has been specifically trained for those political debate Because foreigners need to supply for their families and their currency is usually less than our currency with the exception of England in Great Britain and very few others then currency should be there language and not the foreign tongue, I do not see very much currency exchange within America not an open public some people do adore foreign Americans and people new to America because they are very very open-minded why would you raise a language in America that very few understand, and that's the reason why you came to America to become American. Name is your own personal title as imprint when you come to America unless you're recognized by United States of America . American languages come from the history in the bowels of the United States of America. Those foreign languages were not present or cultures were not present when she hit land in America. I had a foreign language when I was born but I was taught not to speak that language and it's been forgotten since then. I opted as an adult to speak American language as my mother tongue and all other languages as a secondary language, but my religious preference has nothing to do with my American education. As would my job be an American job and not a foreign diplomat.
As the first thing you need to decide what you want your language to be when you come to America and rebelling against the educational system rebellion is not a good thing. 
We have a new language that is called computer language. The first known American language was grunts groans cavemen and then came Indians Puritans spainards and we got the Great Britain language from New York. And the holy Bible came to America. No one has historically taught how the Bible come to America so that would be good subject for history historians. Soon perhaps even those languages from the holy Bible came to America. At is a selected few not everyone can speak English and in their own language too. That should be there quested not America's quest.
American language it was semi-sequestered from Americans and Puritans and people of an Indian language they all were required to give up their mother tongue."
There were many types of people here in America when we came along time ago begetting was Spaniards and Christopher Columbus and the Puritans and the Catholics they all came here and taught everyone who wanted an education but what is the problem is there too much education or not enough spiritual education, The lack of money or is there too much money is there not enough money exchange what is the problem that America is facing today because the government has suffered a great fracture but is healing very nicely and there are a lot of good people in this world in this town that would never never wage war against American. And to boot here is American fact that there is a peace treaty with the Indians there should be already in place a peace treaty with the African-Americans but Americans are having the fight every one of their battles and wars because they don't know how to say the magic word "no". 
We've all become attached to one another we've all began to love one another instead we have to find many many reasons not to fight and only one reason to fight. Nobody understands as white people, instead they want to call us crackers but how about the word "Saint".
Texans definitely need to develop some foreign-policy that will also include trade embargo with Mexico and South America and other countries that are closely nearby. Get off the Peddy subject and quit escalating minor problems. 
Whatever were fighting in America we need to quickly resolve and come to terms with this. Everyone on their death bed that would like the last rite that last right is to fight usually, because as I've said before the transition into death is very very painful and not exactly what everybody wants. 
And of course we all half to be conservative and manage our finances in a way that will not obstruct other people's right to life liberty and property.
Thank you for reading my blog I adore my readers and God bless you. Ms.T. Jog windy Kema.


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