Friday, August 22, 2014

The knock. Out game

When finally found enough evidence people begin to understand, the knock out game has been around a long time. 

Involving as a Dutch English , and Hispanics in gangs located in magnolia Texas , Pasadena , and has bece very crucial. Going as far as simony , barrocy, kid napping , and rape.

Male gender bigot game. 

Turning women and young girls into wenches and more...

Complete brain damage. Even leaking into wenches for gangs .

Targets new mothers . 

Here is an example;

Brittany Mathis has been pouring over social media sites like Youtube looking for a specific video.

She says, "the cops are telling us to keep our eyes open on social websites."

Mathis says her 73 year old grandfather was attacked as part of the knockout game Thursday around noon.

"I've never heard of the knockout game so I just freaked out...and the police told us about the knockout game," says Mathis.

The 18 year old says and investigators confirm the 5'4 and 130 pound senior citizen was walking along Harris Avenue at Main in Pasadena when a young man in a car jumped out and punched him with full force. Police say that man then jumped back into the car and drove off.

Mathis says, "he wants to get a gun now, I'm not gon lie he's scared he's very scared."

Mathis' grandfather refused to go to the hospital or doctor with the injuries he sustained.

The senior citizen is not alone. The Feds indicted a man earlier this year on a hate crime charge related to the knockout game. 27 year old Conrad Barrett was accused of attacking a 79 year old elderly African American man in Katy.

While the Pasadena Police Department has a heavy presence in the area where Thursday's attack happened they still haven't been able to track down a suspect. Mathis says she and her family won't arrest until the man is behind bars.

"He said he was a tall younger light skinned Hispanic male," says Mathis.

Vance Mitchell with Pasadena police say this is the first case of this happening in their city.

Here is some more; 

ThT French do know the skematics of the knock out game as going through the crown to gather information about national intelligence , that the reason the Hispanics do this to become lingual and up to date with other known area people. 

The Mayans are also prehistoric for malicious behavior. 

That historians mark the day to release such information to thoe public. 

Why such brutality even exist.


"Bread and Butter Gang"
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