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Bacon prices are going up

Woman tried to burn down ex's house - with bacon: A Utah woman angry at her ex-boyfriend admitted to police that she put a pound of bacon on a cookie sheet on top of his gas stove back in March, turned the burner on "high," and left it there, allegedly in an attempt to burn the house down. That her BAC reportedly classified her as very "impaired" probably doesn't surprise anyone - but her last name might.
That bacon was very expensive having a bomb fire woman claims bacon cost her sixteen thousand after she tried to hire a police officer to move her out of a HUD project because she couldn't breath . We never got down to cooking " the local bacon, we were afraid to because it came from "pigs" . After that a hospital bill arrived totaling ten thousand and the housekeeper sued the tenant for workmanship compensation of totaling almost six thousand dollars.
She claims she had to move out cause the bacon is too expensive , after she was bailed ou…

Gm babies?

World's first GM babies born22:45 30 Oct 2014, updated 14:51 05 May 2001 +1 FacebookTwitterWhatsAppClick to openPinterest

Thoughts for today

Remember where people gave way food items and clothing items and shoes and stuff like this to the needy the handicap the disabled and then you had those who cannot receive this stuff because they were caught being greedyRemember how those items seem to be less and less on the shelf sort of like going to buy batteries during a hurricane The impact on society is that the prices keep going up for a single item.  And then something about that particular note in the thieves mind makes him dream excessively about getting away with the big crime. The one that's going to put them on easy street.  But hey no big deal all jewelry is insured in a jewelry store.  It's Christmas all year round for some people.  Why can't people be more responsible and plan for their children in their feud food in their futures before they get here why do they have to go with the Darwin theory of natural selection and natural sex.  Are we believing in the modern science of health or are we believing in someth…