Sunday, December 07, 2014

Don't come after me I will make it right

Everyone is fighting this invisible crazy storm were having civilly within the family unit I cannot bare to stand your beating your child, till she threw up her food from a brain concussion and you knocked her to the floor stomped on her and then dragged her into a darkened room. She did not look even five years old. 
You her mother  caught on tape on Facebook . 
Your civil rights worker should be mde aware that you find doing this to your child would win the favor of someone that would give a damn? 
We as citizens should kick your ass all the way back to Africa ! Take your child and lock them up so they never see the likes of you again. 
Grow up in a sterilized watered down generic world. 
How can I make you under stand ? This is not your country if you can't adopt it's cultures and call it home. 
Stop segregating yourself from being an American , by assuming your the only one that suffered from being just black. 

Everyone is lewred by the the smell of easy money. 

Spread good cheer in the pockets of the clots. 
Thin the blood and he will sulk at his lost. 

To the athlete who switched his child

With a wooden switch! I see he was released . I wanta tell ya the child might get over it maybe even forget it but the pain is still there. Deep inside the mind there are what a psychiatrist will call "triggers" yep each time the mind is reminded even remotely he'll fall from continence . Too many times it becomes a psychological scar. 
A great philosopher once said, "it's a fool who doesn't know his history, and is destined to repeat it. " 
A lesson well learned takes great self discipline. 
Will you stop drawing those lines in the sands of time that no one can define or see? 
Or Will we forever be the blind leading the blind? 
Similar to a lost ship on an open sea. 
Yes it hurts but great mournings refine our souls, and it's ok to cry when we hurt . 
The hardest battle is not with you, the hardest battle is the one with self. 

I love you you are so handsome! (Smiles coming your way).

Last name first

You can do something!

Say something!

To change!

Your people!

Your life!

Don't turn your back on your own kind!

Never harm anyone and you won't fall from continence or grace.

Love to hate hate back to love rage, in blind rage, you wake to find, yourself barely alive but breathing I pray you see what lies between the two defined a pain filled mind, and what love can do, when you don't know what love is it bares it's teeth pray your abuser has felt love then maybe the abuse stops . You can be free. 
Face the pain so adequate pain reliever can be found utilized, so you won't hurt yourself again.

There are not any jobs for the disabled

Medication come up missing at a local community clinic and the person who stole was identified but swept under the rug then they made an offer to an unknown for the sum of money to take the fall for the missing medication. Has justice been served?

These last two emails depicts the scenario that make up part or whole of the problem.

Most people want to escape the pain they are in and "trigger" are important but majorly painful.

It is as good as a gun and an assailant who uses it to get the job done. 

Your officers are inflicting horrible pain on the citizens of Montgomery county and by leaking private information to the public about would be other harmless people with psychological problems like children who were victims of abuses or car accidents or anything like that.

Only being aware can ward it off, that's why I urge people who are numbing the pain with street drugs to stay sober . 

Fights they don't want to fight they self medicate with street drugs. Wind up in misdemeanor court,too. 

Most part is it's always someone else's fault and they never claim the biggest fights with self. Never won a battle a day in his life because he couldn't control himself, everyone takes pity for this type and everyone gets pity fucked, till they simply cannot take it anymore.

Much like a child who grows up with crippled parents .

But some things do still grip the Mind as being more unsettling .

And I do not want to be a union with it.

Ps Tri county discharged me on the bases that I was well. 

Well here is a video that says, not just Mexico Border is effected by immigration laws but check points

If you are a USA citizen you might find comfort in knowing our law enforcement is hard at work but instead you become defensive about coming...