Stories that could put a whole generation behind bars

You know for a man to ask for sympathy and prayers is almost unheard of same as a boy/man ain't suppose to cry, but once they get started they can't stop, for two reason one) mama told them not to cry and now that they did mom said not to stop crying or they'll get a a kid that was certain death. But a prayer? Is something youde say sitting in the closet after mom told you not to make her spank you again for not crying/ crying and since you exhausted all your tears and now are in the closet in pitch darkness and complete fear with monsters and you exhausted all your tears and hope of getting out of the closet , no one understood why you locked yourself in the closeting in the first place ? And they all stood there and laughed at you because you pooped your pants while in the closet . 

Not many people can say this prayer, without tears, without living through it, or without knowing the persons who endured it. 

Can't even say mom or son, without feeling the impact. 

Especially if the Feds or swat team were after them. 

Common motivation among some to change it. 

This horror still lives free but the people were afflicted by it's clever way it walked it's victims down a straight path for criminal behavior. 


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