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My incurable illness


Hi in my lifetime I've occasionally ran across anagrams but it didn't strike me as odd until I researched speech patterns in the United States as a Texan who lives by the border of Mexico
And as a person who was struck down when I was a young lady with schizoaffective disorder I am a little girl in a big big world
The problem with anagrams is that a man who was possessed by the devil was a murderer gave anagrams a bad name (David Berkowitz) along with the book "the witchhunt " , people have been saying it for here intelligent starts , and when looking at a such a person as me I am not a murderer , though people conceive the thought as they know how and as they're capable to cope, with in the process came with this also called "occult madness". Medically also known as"dementia praecox".. In order to receive the diagnosis with the occult madness  it has to have a blood culture  in the blood called " occult blood", and this we call today as "doping". Which many sport enthusiasts do. To up their ability to win games.also known as sports Medicine.
  I myself have never done any of the above. I grew up with a resolution for pain and sorrow, with cruel and unusual punishments.
This unusual behavior with which schizoaffective disorder is born and is associated with it  schizoaffective comes an unusual thought patterns or inability or ability to speak with pressured speech, or as with the patient speaks of many different topics in one conversation. And perhaps they also are somewhat bilingual or linguistic of language unknown.
Why I call this paper anagrams is because schizophrenia and anagrams were associated with the name David Berkowitz in New York where he would send encrypted letters to the police department and using anagrams to throw the police often a different direction .I'm pulling out more information all the time because I think I might have been wrongly diagnosed none of these things mentioned here pertain to me or my lifestyle. my lifestyle is pretty easy going and I think perhaps I was attacked by the occult movement that would not leave me alone and as I pursued those who were attacking me I also picked up the occult. All these things should certainly be considered when diagnosing someone who is schizo affective or schizophrenic. But seldom  used in today's psychiatric world as tools .
I throw these answers out there for everyone to read because I am a Christian but David Berkowitz certainly was not a Christian . And at the New York City New York he used to write little letters to torment the police department and these letters usually involved some kind of anagram or encrypted communication I am bringing light to the situation by the way of my civil rights not to be ignorant of other people's pain-and-suffering . I have not fail to render aid to those who need help and assistance . And as I do , I also reference other known criminals such as the 1960s Charlie Manson it was said that he believed in the jewels of the crown it was some form of mental defect . And in this mental defect he predicted that he was a prophet and could foretell the future . At the same time in 1960s was a man named Jim Jones who in Surinami Mexico killed his whole congregation with cyanide poisoning . This too. Been a result of having paranoid schizophrenia but it was not. Mr. Jim Jones was not a murderer until he introduced the cyanide but he was a drug dealer and in no way could he be a minister . He was a bigamist and polygamist . And he was an infidel and an adulterer . I do not mention these as my heroes I mentioned these people as bringing about change in America that would echo it's madness for years to come .
Because I was one of those children in the 1960s .
therefore mental health enthusiastic defined father and son , if father is so then son is  also as father, and so forth and so on. This did not stop when concerning mental health issues .
The mental health enthusiastic's and the medical enthusiast say that if you have a predisposition to heart disease therefore your children might also have a predisposition to heart disease and this was relative only because they wanted to prove a point about drug abuse but when they did that they wiped out a whole generation of children and their hope for bright futures. Children that didn't need to be subject or was subject to drug abuse drug awareness sex education in school were done so anyway. This practice went back as far as poopy pants in the elementary where teachers would look into the children's pants to see if they were clean. Therefore this is considered cruel and unusual acts, that left victims after victims in the wake , because the victims survived what they were enduring . Is nonetheless cruel and the demeaning to the little children who wonder why their teacher was looking in their pants .
This man David Berkowitz the a.k.a. the son of Sam started a gang of motorcyclist called themselves the "the sons of Sam " . They've ripped roared and reared in Texas terrorizing people children and women of all ages in all groups .
With that it strikes the fear in everyone and so is schizophrenic illness also strikes fear in everyone , it's just quite possible that the mere mention of such diseases are dreadful to say the least. And so I ask you why does anyone want to get noticed of them schizophrenic who they are befriending or lending ear  so they can get the information that is inside their minds . What what is inside of someone's mind can be lethal . Take for instance psychological warfare .
You would think a female of my statures that they would never never hurt her but the truth of the matter is that they would and everybody knows that . Looking on the bright side of things being skeptical wins it's fight every time , at no time can you dismiss the fact that schizophrenic is not  a pussycat compared to Mr BerkowitzMatter of fact it is an ignorant statement .

New York has been the murder capital of the world . The United States . Many many historical murderers have came from New York and come down to Texas to try to start a life all over .
Right down to the Civil War with Rebels hippies and Yanks .
And why wouldn't the son of Sam's be among some of the most notorious diabolical mentioned. But what if I told you now it only the names of changed to protect the innocent . Maybe his name wasn't David Berkowitz at all and maybe you just penalized every Polish person in town.
To be a prospect or property of a gang that you have never been in is a statement that can get somebody killed .
The same goes for a mental health misdiagnosis .
What I'm trying to say is you must always always research your diagnosis , stay informed , and watch your back .
In all this they are definitely a diabolical crew and unfortunately somewhere in between all this is your basic human rights . My god what a fight , when you choose your weapons in this instance you must learn to choose those that kill you .A verbal altercation is a preliminaries of this outlandish fight .
To protect and defend to stay one jump ahead and Learn as you go ,stick with the plans .and do which you can .to stop the over population of these diabolical groups and keep your mental sanity your confidentiality  and continue to smear people who do not conform to the governmental process of justice , right is right and wrong is wrong no matter who says what regarding to what you know to be the truth .
The more people who use schizophrenic as an excuse in a court of
Law the less chance you get to free people who Are lesser violent and the more that you find people with schizophrenia goes unchecked. Schizophrenia is not a validated excuse for heinous crimes but many use it even if the crime is a premeditated or capitol murders but who can tell the difference even if your doctor cannot.
On the other hand if you let people with schizophrenia out in the major population and people who know their schizophrenia have a lack of understanding about schizophrenia that perhaps that would be endangering again the person's life .
Not only that but police officers are being trained at this very moment on how to handle schizophrenic attacks such as they go to the house to do a wellness check and the person with schizophrenia comes to the door and yielding knives or weapons guns . And in this situation anything could be a weapon even just a simple screwdriver .
But because of a lack of understanding both sides of the coin are on the both sides of the coin . Am looking back over one said accounting when a man by the name is Jack Steve head was approached on a wellness check at his apartment wielded a knife and the police officer shot him dead . Or the case of Chad Chadwick where he had went out drinking one night and went home and got in his bathtub and was going to take a bath and the police officers knocked down the door to his bathroom and in the bathroom  used aTaser guns . Also a case of Ferguson which in Chicago they're currently protesting because Ferguson died . The situations are very violent and being mishandled and no one really knows what right they had other than the "wellness check"because the current right say that the police officers t must wear a badge and have a warrant for that persons arrest before the inch into the domicile. . Not even going into the domicile and doing a visual search on the domicile for things that they can charge them for . I recently heard that anyone can file on a person with mental illness and using mental-health warrant for 72 hour hold . But if this was not in play and let's say it deranged schizophrenic person was residing with you and building bombs or whatever since the terrorist threats that it been made on America would not be the right thing to do because people need to have knowledge of their neighbors and what they are capable of . Some people keep that hidden very well but they have mental illness and the the mental health authorities are exposing them to the general population to see what reaction the general population has about schizophrenia . Without exposing them it could be a very big threat to society . But then you want to ask yourself what is the difference between exposing them and exploiting them and then you want to ask the question are they misdiagnosed or are they truly schizophrenic . Even so schizophrenic has not been clearly defined by the United States of America only by Sigmund Freud .Some laws need to be adjusted because there is been rare cases of schizophrenia and days that they just find mental health as a meal ticket . They'll do anything to get a check and stay at  home and be lazy .
I also want to say that how the police department operates these days and the way they used to operate things are totally different because they will do anything to entrap you into the crime that you were supposedly committed , and I would like the ratio of that numbers but big because you are or may be a schizophrenic or some other mental illness you might be called on to answer just some crimes that you did not commit to being schizophrenic does not mean that it's without effort or work . if you are suspected to be mentally ill though you will have to eventually answer to some kind of questioning by your local authorities .
and if you are a terrorist the same goes for you . the crime rate in the mental illness rate goes up and out the window  numbers have not changed and sometimes in certain situations have increased percentages , on the crime rate in everyone city .
New York's crime rate happened to be the number one in the United States of America for many years . and there are many more cases that I cannot even talk about because I don't know I'm home but those that I did not mention our implied here .
The other important fact about being a person with an incurable illness is that as you go along people in general become prejudice and want to segregation the population of people with incurable illnesses, this is so in church and rental houses.
I am one those particular instances where I am 50 years old and have never committed a heinous crime yet I am forced out of the general population in a way that I can't even get a place to live.
I have become more sympathetic with the need of the people who are mentally disabled.
And being a person that cannot afford such luxurious accommodations I am forced into a working job that I don't want to need okay. Because rental prices have  also gone up b.eyond what my Social Security can afford.
churches to become a member of the church and there's been instances, not where I cannot become a member of the church ; but where others have been told they cannot become a member of the church.
Completely segregated or severed from the communication of the general population where I might be able to help otherwise is not a good idea.
People have become utterly hopeless in this situation.
Completely given up. Enforce into the very thing that they fought so hard against and that is suicide or homicide. The whole situation has gone viral.

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