Survivor Mode Sept 2015

As far is I can see the direct deposit versus paper check in the mail has alleviated one problem but in time that problem will reappear and in the meantime the banks have  control over our money and they become first and we become second ,we are not second disabled people and we need our money and they charge overdraft fees and those overdraft fees have to be paid before we get our checks,( one mistake and your budget is fried) they cannot create a law that deprives the disabled people or handicapped or disabled of their funds simply because they're in overdraft (but they do). The disabled on SSI supplemental security income is being deprivated anyway because the funds that are being disbursed of $735 a month grand total is not capable of paying the bills . We are being deprived because we cannot make anywhere above  $60 a month without being penalized by the Social Security administration .(and welfare) The formulary for returning back to work is not functioning and people are being deprived of their hard earned money as well as there's security the minimum wage is now no more than 7.70 and our end when the employees started taking SSI and Medicare out of normal people's checks then we become deprived even more because the FICA and the federal tax in the state tax and Workmen's Comp. and the unemployment insurance all those things are being put under the table. the people who are disabled are being forced about town moving them around men who have knowledge into what's going on or just trying to make a living themselves as they are disabled or are no longer want to continue to work because of the low income on the table are taking advantage of the weaker people who are disabled and making them move about and causing great distress on the disabled . I have been on disablement for several years and I am working towards getting my health back not laying down and dying as they would expect but I understood there are some complications with my health that I must recognize before I continue to go further and that is that I could possibly die if I did go any further with this . If my omens do not kill me then something else will . With all the controversy in the low-lying government of police end security we are seeking means of ways to hide away from being exposed or exploited . This may not work out as some would say but we do not want to hang around in the eye of the public cause we are vulnerable and may not survive other attacks . I've noticed more and more people on disability and Social Security and SSI . There are jobs but these jobs are high risk . End living as roommates without a lease is also high risk I have been ran over the subject of hundred times. I have done it step-by-step by step by step . And I am discovering every facet of this program which is soon to be put asunder . The big question is not what if it is when it subsides . People who are not legal drawing Social Security and SSI unlawfully is the downfall . People who get out of jail and do not have a home place to go and children are being tossed about without regards to their own welfare . Deprivation is causing hallucinations mothers cannot even care for their children end up being missed placed and displaced without regards to the mother or the father .
Why does social Security want to disable the handicap the senior citizens to have a direct deposit versus paper check is beyond me the only thing I can fathom is that someone has been ripping off the checks . And now the disabled in the so security is being taxine by the banks the banks are counting every penny of the money that's coming in end and anytime the money is overdrafted there's a another additional charge . This does not benefit the person who is drawing disability no actually the checks can be lost in such transactions . And I found not concerned I will bet shortly of the deprivation of money flowing throughout the common folk and the stores that are around and that is why businesses die . We as a disabled person or handicap must have a spokesperson that represents all Social Security and SSI and and disability but that person is hard to get in contact with if there was one .
Perhaps the Attorney General would be interested in hearing about this . But in fear of being ran around without no transportation is a difficult if not impossible task for disabled person . A disabled person does not want to have to chaser check down in order to receive it . Thanks of already claimed that they cannot withstand the impact of the need of the public of the disabled in the senior citizens in the handicapped insomuch that in their reports annually they have come up short and have claimed that they have been robbed . It is my understanding that by the time all of this hits home for most common folk there will be many banks that merge with other banks and some banks that close and bankruptcy or more over . This is why loan stores are flooding the area there is nothing inu the area that we can do directly to make income without sacrificing more revenue . In an economical emergency high alert this is why new products such as marijuana cannot be legalized in Texas .
This does not cover the employment or the employee errors and the discrimination between Hispanics Americans and other immigrants or the formulary for Social Security that created the ticket to work and the Social Security administration .
This only covers the transaction of mandatory direct deposit for Social  security disability handicapped and senior citizens USA treasury checks and their inability to sustain economical depressions .
This is not a hypothesis this is a actual facts of the matter.
The formulary can be as follows and this will be continued on part two of survival mode.


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