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Well bloggers I'm coming back to life!

It's been a long time since I talked on my blog but I do want to update you life is too short to waste in a court room and certainly for two years on a bogus charge that they wouldnt withdraw . So as I expected I got more bills running out my but then I can care to mention . I'm looking for work trying to follow part-time job to bring up the backend of this finances is just bottoming out . I need a part-time job someone go back up to place where used to work and asked if I can have my job back . I want to do is work makes money that's it man all the propaganda about your disabled  lead to often whatever that Shouldnt be on the Internet or on the news or in any paper or anything. But the thing is is that you have now called the Hyppa law and some people have it and some people don't and but anything concerning medical health  is considered private and confidential. It seems like when somebody goes up and has committed this outrageous crime in this  person has mental disability that it opened seasons on bagging disabled people and handicapped and senior citizens and they seem to be taken off of everything and really that should not happen at all. People still have not got the proper conception about mental disabilities . End the help and the assistance for those people must be slim to none because if that was so these people would be hindered from doing what they do . So if they're not with  mental health organization but they are considered to be mentally disabled well... The fall in the responsibility of what they've done should fall on the organization so that the organization can withstand any future terroristic threats are or problems with the mental ill but they can't make them go to the clinic and they cannot make them take their medications but there is a lot now called Kyliegh law  Kyleigh Law tell's you that you have to go take your medicine that you have to go to the clinic. Because up in New York in the subways someone who was off the medication was supposed be on the medication pushed and is the person into the tracks and got him killed so it's called Kyliegh law. I don't think anybody in the world wants someone to tell them to take your medications if they don't take the medications that they're detained in a mental health hospital I don't think anybody wants that . But on the same token nobody wants to take medicine that makes him feel like you know poo.
And there is a lot about that too that you can is this true mental-health person in the medications and treatments that you do get and once you don't get now the only thing is there is someone stepping over that fine line between corporate punishment and taking your mEds. And I speak of this nonchalantly because is not something that can be discussed openly without causing problems . You are the one who decides how your mental health program and treatment rolls out . Okay so enough about that I just wanted to tell you that I'm looking forward to Kuilioloa because I don't want to be victimized by mental health people either no consumers so and that happens sometimes and that's not fair . Not a lot you can do about it either unless you apply certain laws and standards . And no one was to sit in the court room for two years on a simple charge. Be it they they're guilty or not. So I got it all together I'm putting it together and I'm getting it straight and I'm probably one of the few people that I know of anyway at this point it actually does take your medicine does do what the doctor tells him to do and so forth and this is supposed to be purely confidential but sometimes you got to that lean a bit bend the rule so you can get your message out. Don't worry I'm quite aware of what's going on around my surroundings and I'm quite aware of when I'm doing but you should not do the same and I especially mean that you should seek your help from a mental health person before you start reaching out to the public and I have . So thank you all for all your all your comments visiting my site making things good for everyone and I appreciate it and I hope you all on the right level you know because we Bentaub are quite big not just because you know we have all these disabled people now because coming in and out of war and this war is very evident even in social society . End it is a very very bad thing that all people need to listen to in order for them to move these stumbling blocks from within the family unit end and I Simoron this on my Facebook page so you can find me there at "miracle lives". Anyway I'm gonna get out of here just want to let you know that I pray for all of you everyday of my life tonight and I asked God to uplift these problems from our country that is protruded like I'm never seen before but it is time for us to reconsider the situation at hand and those issues brought to light we must all come together to make a plan that works for everyone not just for one someone cause that's what we got to do . Thank you for listening again and I will see you later lots of luck


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