Monday, February 09, 2015

In Your Mechanics Dream written Tannie 2015 feb 9th

This page has some issues

Habitual offender laws[1] (commonly referred to in parlance as three-strikes laws) are statutes enacted by state governments in the United States which mandate state courts to impose harsher sentences on habitual offenders who are previously convicted of two prior serious criminal offenses and then commit a third. They are designed to counter criminal recidivism by habitual offenders through physical incapacitation via imprisonment.

{now whether some of you believe me or not, this is dirty game where it was enacted in Texas . Least an informant was led to believe, the only control over the informant was his mind and what his life would have been like if certain people leaked a certain secret of lies.lurking in the distance a full blown company with a full blown fleet of "strike" trucks and one convicted  twice felon who could not out walk the truck.} is this a story about to unfold? Or one that's already taken place? Over here Polunsky unit Livingston Texas 77351