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New same sex marriages.

Not to be prejudice or hateful but to enlighten things about this new law says same-sex marriages are condemned . There is always upsides and down sides of the situations. And I could not believe the Supreme Court justice judge would allow same-sex marriages . Because I always believe in a marriage that was heterosexual as one man one woman. Not polygamy or bigamy. Not swinging from trees like idiot between one man another man to another man with the same woman woman has been to another woman's or otherwise . These things seem to be more of a generational thing and we are going to experience some very very complicated documents they are misconstrued.

 And the confusion will not stop quick documentation. The children who will be confused about the male and female tender and which is the correct mating process. Though some people believe they can teach children guess and this is something that is not supposed to be talked to children it's considered perversion. Or sexual devian…


I don't understand how people abuse animals and animal cruelty is such a Corendis crime but when they abused the disabled the handicapped in the senior citizens it's not even thought about that these people need a home they need food to eat they need good medicine they need house supplies for medicine they need all kinds of things wheelchairs way to get back-and-forth to work a place to work and all these things in society just keeps frowning upon them and frowning upon them as if they're less than a dog I don't mean to compare humans with dogs because humans are not dogs but simply dog show their pews sometimes people and humans tend to try to hide what other people have done to them and that's kind of like getting a black guy and put in some pancake make up on it to cover it up .
While there are simply people out the streets you don't want to believe that they need the extra cash you don't want to believe that they want to work or anything of that natur…