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Survivor Mode Sept 2015

As far is I can see the direct deposit versus paper check in the mail has alleviated one problem but in time that problem will reappear and in the meantime the banks have  control over our money and they become first and we become second ,we are not second disabled people and we need our money and they charge overdraft fees and those overdraft fees have to be paid before we get our checks,( one mistake and your budget is fried) they cannot create a law that deprives the disabled people or handicapped or disabled of their funds simply because they're in overdraft (but they do). The disabled on SSI supplemental security income is being deprivated anyway because the funds that are being disbursed of $735 a month grand total is not capable of paying the bills . We are being deprived because we cannot make anywhere above  $60 a month without being penalized by the Social Security administration .(and welfare) The formulary for returning back to work is not functioning and people are be…

"Strike back"

The government in some counties,are having to take a dose of their own medicine. The most popular is car accidents that maimed and kill their residents. Three alarm fires that burn out of control that claim firefighters lives as well worldly possessions.
Maybe you feel helpless , speechless, as to what you can do to support those you love.
Here is a resolution that will enable you to become proactive.
Tear down abandoned buildings or refurbish them immediately. Only carry the state minimum insurance.
Use your car like it's your money, don't hand it out or spend it frivolously
.stay off the roads if possible utilize the mass transit system setup in your area. Insurance , vindictiveness , destruction, insurance fraud, also theft. Protect your assets your family a your whole being. Weed out the problem areas in your life that are high risk resort to safer methods, is like coming and rendering aid to a friend loved one or relative.
Don't be ashamed to pull over your vehicle an…

My dawg was taken from me against my will

The dawg below my dawg named "Frankie" was stolen because I had no home and even though  I promised him a forever home with me, I have no home of my own. I miss him dreadfully."Truth hurts"