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Well bloggers I'm coming back to life!

It's been a long time since I talked on my blog but I do want to update you life is too short to waste in a court room and certainly for two years on a bogus charge that they wouldnt withdraw . So as I expected I got more bills running out my but then I can care to mention . I'm looking for work trying to follow part-time job to bring up the backend of this finances is just bottoming out . I need a part-time job someone go back up to place where used to work and asked if I can have my job back . I want to do is work makes money that's it man all the propaganda about your disabled  lead to often whatever that Shouldnt be on the Internet or on the news or in any paper or anything. But the thing is is that you have now called the Hyppa law and some people have it and some people don't and but anything concerning medical health  is considered private and confidential. It seems like when somebody goes up and has committed this outrageous crime in this  person has mental dis…