IN the case of which everyone wants their money back, I have to chicken remind you you never gave me one red cent, how can you ask anything from me. You insinuate I am charging you something? I never personally asked anyone for anything, because my heart ain't in it. 

How can you get blood from a turnip, when you pay for something then you can ask for something back.

Though at this rate you better never ask me for anything, way I see it... we die you live rich,does the hospital pay you when you get sick? No they don't! 

They get what ten thousand dollars for every E.R. visit you get nadda. You will be lucky if you will be able to check out with out being in a body bag.

Matter of fact, you should buy one before you go to the hospital so the morgue doesn't charge your family for it.

We so important....but only when we're dead! Or half dead, maybe they prolong death just to rake in more cash? 

Who knows? 


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