This is totally apathetically speaking of course, Now the ground work of working with an out of control situation regarding the Dogs, you know and love. we never thought that dogs would exhibit behaviors that would require medications such as mental illnesses surround trauma of abuse and neglect. I know I have been observing a non violent behaviors of a dog pack relationship. Involving mother dogs and their pups and their almost paranormal relationships between each other, and related domesticated friends& owners. The Society of which they are placed for adoptions.I am considering making a donation and I am told you must look at, and do research before you make that donation.
I would say rather than call a particular breed "Vicious", or "aggressive", Like the pit-bull rottweiler or German Shepard, to say a more important statement as a " PROTECTED BREED".
For a genealogical makeup, of recessive genes, and the effects of its use, and ability to control itself in a domesticated environment. YOU SIMPLY CANNOT SAY WITHOUT ABSOLUTE INFORMATIVENESS THAT SUCH BREEDS ARE HARMLESS.
Therefore; I am doing non invasive research . I do not want to see any violence or spectate any blood-sport.
A passive study utilizing Psychology 101, where as a pigeon would be trained to be a "carrier pigeon", and trained in a controlled environment. Such as an Alpha female or male to effectively lead and save a whole generation of animals of this breed type.Utilizing only approved methods offered the general population of animals.
Can these animals live side by side in a passive environment.
Will the "Lion Lay down with the lamb". I will keep you posted. Psalms 19:51


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