Now about the second amendment ,people it might feel so damn good...mighty good to kill the bastard that killed your nine year old on the other hand it might have never happened if you hadnt opened open gun carry laws. We are so far from the old west where two dual in gunfire at sundown. While this might remove one person from the jails and their devastating debts to care for murderers for their entire lives on the other hand you let Horrid murderers like Charlie Manson, Hinkley's Murderer live rent free in a federal prison who might be the murderer or one that could have been the murderer but killed the only living witness.Should be put to death.Remember it is one for all and all for one, united we stand divided we fall.Where and when will we as patriots and kinsmen come together and make one unanimous decision, should we decide that lethal weapons spell death no matter whose hand they are in and if they kill then why shouldnt the government enact the death penalty in every state? Yet there is that small chance we have all seen and heard about where actually an innocent man /woman goes to jail??? So those statistics and percentages are enough to sustain a free state and a free Country....people must learn to live and let live...(Beatles) For the greater good of all mankind. Then shall we wave our guns in the air......and say kill them all!? You be the judge of your own life, God gave you the right to make a decision when Jesus died for our sins. You can choose to believe and be forgiven, or live your life in sin and decide to kill. Its a Hard cookie to crumble , and swallow your pride. Guns are for hunting for food, not killing man. Are you ready to roll out a new ?


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