Sunday, January 17, 2016


On January 15 a new addition was found out in the yard it was "jazz", a brand-new hours old puppy half Rottweiler half Kurdog , the mother was tray she made with Rottwaller and now I have to take care of this new little puppy because the mother cannot be found . This journal is about Jaxz.
Although some people frown on the fact of raising a puppy that has no mother and I agree , this is a new venture for me and I am a dog lover but I have had poor experience with dogs because of their inability to see the face of danger . Dog to walk out in the middle-of-the-road with oncoming cars if they don't know anything about it . But this seems to be an ideal location for dogs , because there's not exactly a lot of car traffic at Highspeeds here . But just like all places there are a lot of cars and ignorance in drunken-driving are could be result of a future problem . Jax is taking to me quite well , she is get along pretty well for two days old she even fell off the couch couple of times . End she's about a foot long just two days old so she's gonna be a huge dog . But the end of this journey will not stop , until Jack's find yourself a good home .
Or that she would find her home with me but it will be highly disciplined and highly trained .
I hope that in the future I'll be able to keep this dog but there is no guarantees . It can be successful but with a female dog there's always a probability of her getting pregnant . In this event , I hope the jacks will never have that possibility . Four immunizations and sterilization will be a must , walking on a leash wearing a collar end chew toys or a place outside where she can do what she needs to do . Possibly in the near future I'll be able to build a kennel . But this is not all that goes into a dog , you have to be able to take him out and run with them walk with them and it Openfield someplace where possibilities of dangers will not happen such as doggy Parks . Well ask him to the end of this journal entry there may be more about Jack's later on , end what happens to Jack's now Jax is a Rottweiler and so Jax is going to need some extra attention and I arty know this . If by chance it becomes unruly end more over she tears up things that she shouldn't which is probable . I will seek methods with Jack's that will help her understand her role in society . And this is only for bragging rights because putting that much work in training into an animal and raising them up could be the end of a good friendship . It's not always gonna go the way I wanted to go , but jacks could possibly be the last dog I ever have since dogs can live upwards to 15 years or more . And I don't expect my life to be any longer than normal for my particular type of person , but if Jack is as loyal as any other dog then this will be 15 or 20 years well spent .
Wish me luck in of raising up a healthy happy dog, end also think if you would like to have a puppy like this because if we find the mother dog and the rest of the puppies they'll be some up for adoption pretty soon . This is to all my friends out in Lufkin Texas all my family in Houston Texas and those who love and know me.


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