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On January 15 a new addition was found out in the yard it was "jazz", a brand-new hours old puppy half Rottweiler half Kurdog , the mother was tray she made with Rottwaller and now I have to take care of this new little puppy because the mother cannot be found . This journal is about Jaxz.
Although some people frown on the fact of raising a puppy that has no mother and I agree , this is a new venture for me and I am a dog lover but I have had poor experience with dogs because of their inability to see the face of danger . Dog to walk out in the middle-of-the-road with oncoming cars if they don't know anything about it . But this seems to be an ideal location for dogs , because there's not exactly a lot of car traffic at Highspeeds here . But just like all places there are a lot of cars and ignorance in drunken-driving are could be result of a future problem . Jax is taking to me quite well , she is get along pretty well for two days old she even fell off the couch …