Saturday, February 20, 2016

Update: puppy nursery

 Hey everyone this is Tannie bear from Lufkin Texas as you know I no longer live in the Woodlands Texas I had a major upset there and so I decided to move on before McDonagh hit Houston and stay there for about six months and then moved from Houston out here to Lufkin Texas where things are really going well I've got a lot of peace of mind the land is is nice and that is sorely undeveloped but you know there's a lot of houses to flip things to do and things to think about is to cut things I like to do so anyway since I been here adopted two female dogs and both of them got pregnant by Rottweiler and so anyway I wound up with that said her puppies from the first letter and there's probably gonna be seven more due around February 25 which I need to get some real good adoption homes for them and hope that everything goes well for them I'm giving them their shots you gonna be all ready to go by the beginning of March and I just want let you know if anybody's interested in the area that wants puppy or what's dried-up Lufkin Texas and pick up a puppy that's fine just getting touch with me and my email address that's Dykema . Tannie at , 
 Appreciate your interest in everybody following me this really great way and a great experience to have a blog this actually successful and people actually listen to be in it and make their own decisions about life and what they want to do with there's an ETA I'm just here to spread the word about how things are going with the disabled you know sword thanking him so anyway that's about it this blog but out of you have a great one this blog was created on February 20 not 2016 

Little Big Town - Girl Crush

My love song for real.....went like this.