Friday, March 11, 2016

Arsenal of weapons

Hospitals have an arsenal of weapons unconventional to man, they may have even found a fountain of youth but I'm sure if they have it comes with a great price.
Which they in turn try to bill patients with but are met with unfavorable terms by insurance companies abroad.
Our eyes and ears can only hold so much information, but when you walk into a drug store you know it by the array of medicines over the counter and medical supplies. Although already pick thru merchandise for safety precautions never seizes. High technology was not forgotten here, so if you need an emergency kit you can always find one. Most people doesn't know where to draw the line so if you let them crooks take everything off the market like aspirin somewhere down the line you will regret it. There's talk as optional means and I. Fair trade for marijuana they I tend to take everything including vitamins and sports drinks. If you cannot get your minerals from the food you eat you might be at a loss.

Blood supplies will loose their potency, and trickle down to a halt.
Beware of the Apple bright, a friend in Need is a friend Indeed.

Infections don't go away on their own. You might have noticed you don't get any antibiotics much of the time. And infections cause much of the pain your in.
So, leaving you with this, "laughter is a good medicine", providing there is enough to laugh about.