Friday, April 22, 2016

Profilers:David Berkowitz

A short paragraph profiling" David Berkowitz".

Everyone knows that David Berkowitz was accused of many murders and crimes and such from New York Virginia and more …
Why would anyone post on the table a female with the illness described as paranoid schizophrenia , when the person is never committed a crime other than being angry at her parents . The illness labeling and stereotyping came before a crime was committed therefore that person cannot be the same stereotype is Berkowitz .

"The killer's unusual behavior towards the police and the media received widespread scrutiny. Psychologists observed that many serial killers draw additional gratification from manipulating their pursuers and observers. The feeling of control over the media, law enforcement, and even entire populations provides a source of social power for them.[47] After consulting with several psychiatrists, police released a psychological profile of their suspect on May 26, 1977. He was described as neurotic and probably suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and believed himself to be a victim ofdemonic possession.[46]"

Isn't it the real crime to label a helpless defenseless child, young woman,
with a diagnosis in comparison as does the "son of Sam ".

Still and lingering a biker gang, notorious colors named,"Sons of Sam".

"Quacks"! Like a duck, looks like a duck, must be a duck.

Seriously where were you diagnosed? And what crime has she committed?