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I walk these streets Alone written By Tannie

I've been holding back these tears for years Walking the streets alone And I can tell you it ain't easy To be a Rolling Stone, My mama said child You shouldn't cry no more , But this loneliness inside of me Just won't leave me alone , And I keep holding on to yesterday The biggest parts of me , A memory that I undertake Is beckoning me .... In the still of the night , walk the streets at dark, Kicking up sand beneath my feet , While the whole world sleeps, In these old stitched up jeans, Won't anyone ever hear me? See me? Just a stone throw away, But I myself worthy of nothing, No battles won, A weakness that I keep, That no one knows, no one knows me ,and I'm fine, inside.... Alone, The secrets that I keep, To the death of me, just carrying on, to the grave at heart, the songs of sins, Alone alone....but can I ..and I don't know. You see now the lonely one, Past and gone..... do I dearly part t