Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I walk these streets Alone written By Tannie

I've been holding back these tears for years
Walking the streets alone
And I can tell you it ain't easy
To be a Rolling Stone,
My mama said child
You shouldn't cry no more ,
But this loneliness inside of me
Just won't leave me alone ,
And I keep holding on to yesterday
The biggest parts of me ,
A memory that I undertake
Is beckoning me ....
In the still of the night ,
walk the streets at dark,
Kicking up sand beneath my feet ,
While the whole world sleeps,
In these old stitched up jeans,
Won't anyone ever hear me? See me?
Just a stone throw away,
But I myself worthy of nothing,
No battles won,
A weakness that I keep,
That no one knows, no one knows me ,and I'm fine, inside....
The secrets that I keep,
To the death of me,
just carrying on,
to the grave at heart, the songs of sins,
Alone alone....but can I ..and I don't know.
You see now the lonely one,
Past and gone.....
do I dearly part the ones I love?
Just a Rolling stone?
KNow not , I know not Lord,
Not anyone, all forsaken gone.
my head in hands are full of nods and winks,
My heart broken for years
Deserves nothing but these tears.
For you sayeth refines the soul.....
Like a crystal glass ,that sings..
A mellowed fine wine ...soured grapes,
Sweetened of taste....
Memories pass and a life of heartache's...
Still to the grave...these memories I take.
The good with the bad,
Gently place, on the heart of man,
And in a hat,and off to bed.
Written by me.12-13-2016


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