Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I personally am proud of our new president,"Donald Trump", despite the controversial subject matter at hand he has previously thought through some of the tough decisions at hand presently and signed and sealed the decision that all good people would want.
There seems to be a lot of bickering about some issues that remain unresolved and he was quick to resolve them. In his intelligence made the decision that overall would end civil liabilities and put back to work USA .
Making America Great again is not an easy task while he can give the orders to move ahead, the real true work lays in the hands of citizens. How much of your time and energy are you willing to put into "making America great again", is all I'm asking?
This is what you voted for, if you voted.
When there is no work and no money, the work there is becomes very grueling and tedious. Working money sometimes is just as tedious, and you gotta be there to answer the call, step up or step down, your still gonna have to work for it.
You never would have guessed how hard it was to work a full time job, go to work daily to bring home a paycheck, to feed your wife and kids, without the bickering and complaining. By the end of his term you will be almost suicidal for rest and recreation, and peace from your job.
You hear that heavy metal clanking from building your own pipes in the USA?
I do.
You'll think twice about re election.
Obama was  laxed.
That is what a "Trump " in office will do for you.
You'll earn every dollar and then you'll be asked to push on further through blood sweat and tears.That is what a War does. It sends even little babies out in the cotton fields, and every one must earn.Everyone must pay.
I pity you disabled and handicapped people because I know how hard it is to walk up a flight of steps to get to the factory, to go to work.
Hence accommodations have been made, ramps and extra large bathroom stalls, handicapped parking and such. You don't think he will put you to work? He will even if it is counting screws and putting them in little bags.

Thats the drive it will take, and he plans on doing that.
A mule suits him fine, he wont be on the mule, he will be on your back pushing the mule and pushing you.

Its harder to push a car uphill in high heels that to accomplish what he wants from us.
Maybe you just asked for too much. When you bought that Ticket to "Trump " presidential office.we will all be crying before its all over with.

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