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Very controversial even today, remains Charlie Manson

(All the pictures you see arenot Manson it's the actor) I am a nut, but I don't live in California, so I read about Mr Manson, and was alive in the days when these California murders took place and as a  child they were horrifying stories and even so today as I think over all those people who were not in the USA and born after these days. Instead of a "Hush", that flowed across the land was cries and shrieks of horror devastating and rocking the foundation of USA . Charlie was not one of a kind there were other deaths and murders and even today we silently mourn all those who lay before us but we did not look over our shoulder at the cause or entity that it is,"Evil incarnate" ,and Jimmy swagger could not have said it better that this demeanor was in every home in America.children rose up against their parents, mothers against their children, fathers against their sons, the face of USA was changing in the post was era, there was pain and suffering and poverty and doesn't seem like that's changed much since the sixties.We're still at war in the middle east, and we've learn to chase that ole devil back to whence he came. Which started terrorism, and technology used to terrorize. And now to say the least Manson doesn't seem like such a big wig anymore age has set in and the era he proclaimed would come to pass is floating on a surface of stagnated and rotten blood of wars and a thirty year crime spree. In every ones fist allegations and words of hatred against mankind, least of all most have forgotten that we are just mere man .
Now I don't want it on my conscience to have killed anyone, or denied anyone, what God has given to one and all, life as we know it. Should we subject one man and give him nine? The crime was committed against a race but against money and the power of money and though s who possessed it and multiplied it, And that said, against another power of which has came to pass since then. Drugs and drug lords.
Now suffered, all behind it grown up and matured and putting such things away, should we also see the inhumane treatments of one another and our mentality and slay the "pig" not the man, don't slay a messenger. Then who doesn't know this? Found themselves following the same cult, wasn't ashamed for feeling the same way. More like dogs blood and it made everyone ill, and ill tempered. I guess it could be the flask the angels poured out in the Earth as in revelations H.B. And you walked yourself among it and fed off of it knowingly or not. Does one "Bad Apple", spoil the whole bunch? Manson would not live long if his transfer to the mental hospital is granted. He is in protective custody and will remain there.


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I personally am proud of our new president,"Donald Trump", despite the controversial subject matter at hand he has previously thought through some of the tough decisions at hand presently and signed and sealed the decision that all good people would want.
There seems to be a lot of bickering about some issues that remain unresolved and he was quick to resolve them. In his intelligence made the decision that overall would end civil liabilities and put back to work USA .
Making America Great again is not an easy task while he can give the orders to move ahead, the real true work lays in the hands of citizens. How much of your time and energy are you willing to put into "making America great again", is all I'm asking?
This is what you voted for, if you voted.
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Blackfoot vs. Cherokee vs, Alabama Coushatta??

THIS IS A MATERNAL SIDE/but there has been no evidence for the paternal side.


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Dangers of smoking and taking marijuana candy alternatives

I was a wife of a man who said, periodically that "marijuana", was safer than even alcohol or smoking cigarettes. That it was even safer to smoke marijuana joints than drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes and the hidden dangers of getting cancer.This was in the eighties not the the year 2000 and above.

Well, I suppose that it was the lessor of the evils of this world,(Not for me). However; We then realized the hard way the real dangers when Smoking and getting high on marijuana candy and high potency marijuana. How some people would even prefer not driving at all as opposed to loosing the right to smoke marijuana medicinally or not.

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