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Very controversial even today, remains Charlie Manson

(All the pictures you see arenot Manson it's the actor) I am a nut, but I don't live in California, so I read about Mr Manson, and was alive in the days when these California murders took place and as a  child they were horrifying stories and even so today as I think over all those people who were not in the USA and born after these days. Instead of a "Hush", that flowed across the land was cries and shrieks of horror devastating and rocking the foundation of USA . Charlie was not one of a kind there were other deaths and murders and even today we silently mourn all those who lay before us but we did not look over our shoulder at the cause or entity that it is,"Evil incarnate" ,and Jimmy swagger could not have said it better that this demeanor was in every home in America.children rose up against their parents, mothers against their children, fathers against their sons, the face of USA was changing in the post was era, there was pain and suffering and pove…