Tuesday, October 03, 2017

KEEP PRAYING, not preying.written by Tannie, OCT. 2017

Horrible tradgedy, LAS VEGAS. its hard to keep my mind on everyhing that the world is going thru. The end is near, or is it just a simple faze that we are going thru?
Does this motto ever come to mind? "You asked for it. you got it, TOYOTA". and all the while we cannot absorb all the events that happened in just one day, let alone one year,decades go by and we are the ones who gets PTSD, often asking and praying to a God in fear, that he isn't there? Scary thought isnt it? I guess all we can ever really ask for from anyone in a time like this is for you to feel for them, live this tradgedy , don't let them go it alone. and for those of you have liives the tradgedy, acknowledge the Angels standing by your side. who desperately, really wants to help you make it thru this. AMEN? amen.

As the end of all creation and eternity approaches you ask yourself how could I have missed it? How come I couldn't see? There is no love greater than gods love, then why does it hurt so bad? If it wasn't enough that he sent his son to die for you, will he also let the world crumble and in shock, give birth to a new way, another we will have to live on a fragment of life, that says,"Its gods way, natures way, to flow down a stream as a leaf, and get stuck on a rock."
Speaking of rocks, God is the rock of all salvation. AMEN? amen.


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