Saturday, November 11, 2017

BENDING WITH THE WIND, by Ms. T.Jog windy Kema Nov. 11th Veterans day.     Some of us are late bloomers when it comes to fighting we usually leave that up to the men, but things are taken a serious toll on everyone , here is something that texans could do before the war breaks out and riots ensue.We will see this more often because there are serious offers on the table....and serious breaches of Law as we know it. TIMES CHANGE, and like it or not there has to be somekind of acceptance , so that preparations can be made. Although this seriously infringed on the Quote,"ZERO TOLERANCE". Some of Us are finding it more difficult to bend with the wind.

Click on Link above in blue to read the News Clip about a different approach to sabotage and life threatening would be attacks.FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

RED ALERT RED ALERT, WE have a code blue in ICU1 written by Tanniebear Nov2017

Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Michael Jackson, Prince, Janis Joplin,  Jimmy Hendrix, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley and so much more....whom died and left us a legacy of music.
I felt like I knew them personally and experienced real pain from learning of their deaths. Some died from overdoses some committed suicide, and all were taken from us untimely.
I can imagine from this personal experience that all were deeply loved and adored.
Tragic as it was many fail to get the message that they left behind, and I feel it is this,"Money doesn't always buy happiness, look before you leap, and can enable someone to do drugs excessively, and can kill you if you are enabled with so much."
"the heroine experience is not over, and if you have a habit such as this you better seek help fast."
These battles we face are real, don't undermine the real threats they pose to us today, we must act fast to save our nation, our loved ones and our friends.
While marijuana industry is consuming several states you sit here and say how can they do this to us? and why are they doing this? How much more must die in the cause of all of this ? should we try to help them? and what if they refuse our help? Are they all so mentally lost in this world of drugs sex and rock and roll? Crippling as it is why don't they give it up? If marijuana is not addictive? and marijuana does not kill? Not only marijuana but the whole place is filled with drugs of all sorts.even Doctors and lawyers and much more are starting in the game and will the blind lead the blind? I don't think we can truly say anything about them now
except to stop! Turn back now to the ones you love and get them the help they need.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Texas weekend Shooting, people can only say the shooter has mental health issues.

Link above to video about Texas Shooting in a church over the First weekend in November 2017

I understand having to dismiss something and not having the words to describe what actually happened and who did this???

It's easy to dismiss it immediately if we could all say there was a mental health issue. But friends this is more than that. Its a stigmata that reflects on a group of people who work hard every day to dismiss the stigma of mental illness , whose never committed such a crime, and fight hard everyday with depression and ill thoughts. Not necessarily thoughts of suicide or homicide, pushing the mentally physically disabled to a point where they are having more difficulty and having to accept things that they did not do, as being a part of the illness they live with every day.

It would be senseless to say that only mentally ill could have done this, but what happens is you cut the little bastard a break, and got down and dirty on people with mental disabilities.

Let's not resign ourselves with such statements, say what you really feel about these people and leave mental illness diagnostics to the Doctors.

Trump calls it "EVIL", why not reserve yourself to say so much as well.
Thank you President Trump, for saying it with diplomacy and not downgrading people with problems who are fighting everyday for normalcy.

SIncerely Tannie Dykema