Wednesday, February 21, 2018

RECIPE FOR MADNESS,written by Tannie


This world is so full of itself there is practically any element of humanity and socialism ascertainable to practically  everyone. 
When thinking about a garden that is planted with a seed, the seed could be anything, sewn with care or complete destruction in mind.
When answering Questions of your likes and dislikes don't forget to add this definition.

Someone said it takes a whole community to procure this disease, but practically the same results every time.(TWO WITCHES OVER A WITCHES BREW)


most people have ailments and nearly everyone has maladies.
So this is the beginning a new thought, or a broad spectrum cure all. Hitting as many people s possible, with a creative and ingenious plan to correct and cure social ill's.
Look at it as a recipe for disaster or Madness or whatever ails you. 

 So, someone said to me,"FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE", and this was coined by my grandmother.

One Doctor said, "Id like to give you a cocktail", a plethora of different kinds of pain medications. 
The Patients said, oh just me give me the recipe, Ill make it myself. 
thats how this En tree was born.

We didn't have any mental illness, one child said, were rich enough to have some of that poison, were old enough to have some, and so our parents doled it out.

I was watching the fight blow for blow, seeing the forensic landed in a life full of  everything you can imagine, it came to mind this by both children ,"YOU POISONED ME".

Everybody knows a good gardener will do a number of thing to keep his garden of plenty alive.

AND SO DOCTOR WERE BORN to correct them.

He said, after a long discussion about the plethora of Medications  he had administered to his long standing patient, realized he had inadvertently poisoned his patient.

And the third patient patient came to the same conclusion and had the same illness,"YOU POISONED ME".

The thunder rolled and the lightning stuck, and it grew very dark and dismal.
The Parent weren't happy with the discovery, and the Doctor was scared he was gonna loose his license to practice medicine.

When you have a science that calls for certain steps to be taken, everything else is text book.

THE WITCHES BREW, it really didn't make any sense otherwise.

A mock of an answer;
Came the recipe for the "MADNESS", we all were experiencing.

The Lightning stuck the empty paged book and said, "IF A=A, and B=B, then what is C"

C=then the combination of events that took place .

There is a recipe and if there is a recipe then there is also antidote.

WITHOUT THE RECIPE YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO TREAT, or the antidote that it takes and everything else could and possibly makes it worse.

There are more than one words for inaccuracy other than liar, and that could be another plethora of thing. Or RECIPES.when I learn more I will pass the septum of good faith onto you, and not a  minute too soon. 

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