You've heard that some families disown their child, or a cousin or Uncle because they were less than favorable. Causing trouble everywhere they go. But truthfully its like kicking a baby chick from the nest just to see if they can fly.(consider The eagle) Some Clinics say for the woman its call the Empty nest syndrome. Favoring the mother side of the story. For some this happens way too soon.

Then there was a person who said, "I AM THE BLACK SHEEP OF THE FAMILY".

For that person is saying today, I have taken on too much. I've disgraced my family and my parents, cause its the only thing I knew And I knew it well.

There was no way for me, To succeed. Then the lord took my family away and left me alone but at least I am not in an unfamiliar place, and I can still try again. The Odds are not in my favor.

I left there because of abuse. I do not feel I can return. Fearing for my own life.

There is an exploitation with in the system that no one knows about.

And beware of those which seek to entrap you in a world that is not your own.

There is a very big fire cooking in the south, and no one is safe or sure. Coming from the mouth of those who seek refuge along the Border towns of USA Northern America.

Your thinking your way out of it and there is good cause, The Country of Mexico doesn't want to make marijuana legal because the bump the price up and are not the only suppliers. So far there are Country's Northern States being supplied by Canada and I've seen Magazines that sell seeds that are more productive from as far away as the Netherlands.

From this you know you are not a black sheep, you just like everyone else who is doing drugs, and your a very lucky one for now. Those tables can and will turn on you and you got to be careful.

Being alone in this world is not cool, and being a runaway can kill you. You have to  find a way to be safe, and this world doesn't provide safety measures that would stop the kind of people that you are dealing with.

So your abandoned to a life of crime?? everyone has some kind of turf war building.Houses do not come cheap even the simplest houses.

And being a "Black Sheep", has nothing to do with colored. Although some might use the m.o. as a racial slur, it was not intended to be that. Anyone that is cast down from their families and destined to a life of crime Can be considered as a Black Sheep. And While our husbands and wives and children as fighting the domesticated war, can be shot down even one of the worst person. None the less are guardians of the Country.
Do not take it lightly, know that anything can be considered a threat to innocent and non innocent and where and when will it strike next.
These people have an ear for sayings and threats and are vicious people. Will strike like a snake at any given moment that is what I saw to be true. They haven't given up, they are still fighting that war today.
They are like a freight train, slow and meticulous.

This train is bound for glory, and anyone can jump on and or off of at any time. Know this that even though some cast you away, remember the stone that was cast away became the corner stone of the church.
It really does account for something, and some people are looking on in amazement. Idolizing them for their bravery and their courage under fire.

This doesn't indicate any person individuals, but it may also be you.

I don't want to attract any calamities, although it could be the ticket that I was waiting for.
You have to have a ticket to even get into the place.

"Black", you isn't so bad, and I am sure eventually someone will be able to look at you and say it to your face.

Well this is currently my problem, that the specific race has decided that they want to drive around with DB's that exceed a certain limit. While I was baking your cake it fell in the oven it did not rise, cause even if I cannot hear it the cake did.

Well that's pretty messed up.

ANYONE EVER HEARD OF A SONIC BOOM so loud that deafened my brother.

What's wrong Black? you don't even know your own name? Can't hear your name being called?
You brought it all on yourself.

While were all super sensitive to the name of colors, like Green, Red, and Black, and White, well that's good. I'm proud of ya anyway.

Have Blessed day, Sincerely Tannie