Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Emerging out of the darkness 1/2018 Written By Tannie

Came a final throw of information detailing the murders of many young children a heroine bound for glory, I was one of those children whose life was change by the serial killing and rampant drug abuse in Pasadena Texas 1972. This was the time when My Aunt Josephine Curry Weber was shot to death on Dover street by her fiance /lover . As the story goes another chapter emerged last and not least My grandmother was in the house on Dover when the fight took place, she reported she could hear them arguing in the bedroom,(It was nothing for people to boaster their wants and demands it was a time of communication impedance. Particularly so in Texas, a family that had just relocated here from North Carolina. )  We were at our Aunts house and mother had just married a new husband named Ray Simon.(If you wonder why the names have not change to protect the innocent, is because I don't believe they were innocent) We had an accent of the south. My Aunt Jo married into a family tree that eventually became Nascar. s My former Uncle was a mechanic and done some pretty good work.

though my sister and I was not living there at the time of the murder , the phone ran on West hart street Pasadena Texas with the bad news. My sister and I was the 4th and 5th female child of the Simon family accompanied by two step brothers. And as soon as it all began it slowly left our minds.
However mom had to return to work and along with this also a babysitter that was right across the road from the /Corell home that was his final residential address.
We were not aware of this fact till much later down the road. And I was having some very difficult health issues my memory would come and go.

And being so, my mother and I sustained a few of our own traumatic experiences and not long after we left the Simon home and mom and my sister and I moved onto another place because mom was divorcing Ray Simon.
The chips fell like domino;s one after the other after the other.
And as forgetful the traumatic events that led to my disability also fell like dominoes.We didn't realize as children the day and age was in extreme turmoil , but how grateful we are when we look back at this time and age In Pasadena Texas. that we did not live there anymore.
this story is being written for and because of Rhonda Williams and The Dean Corell serial killings and murders.
Rhonda Williams (click here)

and not only did my mother and my sister an I live there but My Grandma Gwin and my father off and on because he was always being arrest for stupid things.She passed on just before my Aunt JO.

My Auntie V. live right down the road from the SIMON as well, and then the Simons moved due to the dilapidation of their home.

And I remember that nobody liked us we were outcast and none the better for all we had gone thru.Fortunately we had a few friends and we were like Peanut butter and Jam.Thick as mud.

I want you to know Ms. Williams, that you were not the only one going thru all these horrible things. We were there along side of you , fighting mental illness and nightmares and horrible destruction of a small town by Dean corell and other crimes none could piece together .

Trust me there is no reunion for us, and we have all move on with our lives and we suggest that you do the same.

However she did emerge out of the darkness and kudos for her bravery.

My family fortunately are not vindictive. You are safe here with us.

I dont think I will ever return to Pasadena or Houston as a resident ever again, and I guess you can imagine why.
Thank you for sharing your story with us.
God Bless you, and keep you safe from all those who wish to do you harm.

Sincerely Tannie.

NEW Written By Tannie 1/2018 Sometimes I Gotta Sing

SOMETIMES I gotta  sing

In the fall I start with a sweater a home made poncho or something better,
and I like my drink tall and slender .
a twisted tornado, a hurricane to pull myself together,
I get wound up getting ready for the winter, a song or two to make me feel better and I like to dance on the dance floor,swaying to the music feeling so much more on top of the weather,
I thank God we didnt have to pull out with a row boat or paddles.
and some dont have it as good as me, some in the heat during the spring, some dont make thru the summers blazing wave of heat , But were all stronger because of it.

Its the spirit of God in me, I feel the joy of the lord rise up in me, fills my days with laughter. 
Sometimes I gotta sing,

Hallelujah, its a real jubilee,

I make a joyful noise unto you lord, cause sometimes I gotta sing.  I made it thru the weather.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Some personal notes and some bizarre things collection

Dean Corell and Rhonda William

A prank turned into a crack down in Pasadena Texas, 75901

Posted many died in trying to save but a few . The Town has been taken over (Mutiny) and left a few having to fin for themselves alone.

No Justice for the innocent.

1960 and onward dealt severe blows to Southern Texas, Beginning with Charlie Manson, and Dean Corell , and Jim Jones of Guyana and Ending in the Death of President Kennedy. Leaving a much misguided people without a President.

And children without parents, and parents without their children.
January 28th 2018