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Learning Old school , Knocks of life, Lesson Learned, By Tannie Gwin Feb13th 2018


I wanted some food this month to be able to keep my tv and laptop from aarons,
I paid everything and went into overdraft for about 357.00, But who knew that the bank lowered my overdraft privileges from 600.00 to 300,00(*),  the other obstical on the course was that the phone was disconnected and ported over to Nextiva, for budgeting purposes. Lowered the cost overhead.When this happened they changed the account number which was ******2142, to******3848. I had already sent in the payment thru bill pay options on the website of 103.00. They returned it because it did not have the correct account number. This should have not happened and what happened in my bank account was affected that the 103.00 went back into the account which was overdrawn and covered some of that 357.00 and brought it down by 103.00 which was effectively balanced at 257.00 approximately.

I feel I have no control over my account at the bank, and they adjust things that I am working on and I dont lik…