Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Learning Old school , Knocks of life, Lesson Learned, By Tannie Gwin Feb13th 2018


I wanted some food this month to be able to keep my tv and laptop from aarons,
I paid everything and went into overdraft for about 357.00, But who knew that the bank lowered my overdraft privileges from 600.00 to 300,00(*),  the other obstical on the course was that the phone was disconnected and ported over to Nextiva, for budgeting purposes. Lowered the cost overhead.When this happened they changed the account number which was ******2142, to******3848. I had already sent in the payment thru bill pay options on the website of 103.00. They returned it because it did not have the correct account number. This should have not happened and what happened in my bank account was affected that the 103.00 went back into the account which was overdrawn and covered some of that 357.00 and brought it down by 103.00 which was effectively balanced at 257.00 approximately.

I feel I have no control over my account at the bank, and they adjust things that I am working on and I dont like the meddling into my business.

* On the day that the check was going to go thru from 103.00.
By doing this I put things into perspective and the balance would have been budgeted , I keep picking up responsibilities, and bills to be paid and was utilizing my account effectively.

Why did they put these restraints on me? How was they to know if they were not being alarmed by something and respectively called me a thief.

The balance would have been - 500.00

I am glad that it happened now because i would not have been able to my March Budget.

Banks have a better idea of how things happen and know this would have not been possible obviously.

Still I felt I was not in control of my account, and worse repercussions could have happened and may still happen.

I noticed that the Social security out here is a little different than in The Woodlands. Two things,
1) There is a new privileged that if you go to jail that you will still be able to get you check.(HOGWASH)
2) They are suppose to be on a schedule that they pay in advance not in arrears.
3) That the Welfare department is notified about all income that comes into my account and there is no transparency.  Meaning that I have no privacy, no confidentiality, and that they can alternatively administer corrections and punishment, if that be the case, and no one would be the wiser.

Being on Social Security and not drawing food-stamps is a way to thwart these attacks, but I still may loose my medicaid if I dont report income accurately, and in this case am not able to communicate with them, some thing that was on my Bank Statement was a repayment of seven hundred dollars that I was saving for a moped or inexpensive vehicle and when I started having trouble again with my account my mother threw in a white towel, and returned my 700.00 in increments but none the  less was counted as income and was not income.

Even though I am provider to many stray animals they are not mine legally, and I cannot say that In all respect I recieved any compensation at all for doing this HUMANE act of God.All the funds utilized came out of my own pocket. My rations from poverty and disabilities. There is no pay except what God will provide to us, from other kind acts of humanity. I am not a non profit organization even if I donate to people . Its my way of leveling the ball field.Which is severly Neglected , and abused , daily.

Would I lie to protect them ,"NO" but I would defend them(dogs) in a court of law by offering them some kind of defence, so they would not be killed, by Euthanasia at the animal control.

It is a humane act that prevents people from taking things they dont ask for and are not given, I recognize that fact. That is only a part of being human, not any specified or open handed giving, and all is being pushed upon me. I accept my responsibilities but what can I do to move this game forward so that all "life as we know it", can benefit and be protected under the same laws that protect us, Humans.

This is complex in nature because the word,"Dog", goes undefined when you see a person who is a community worker doing his job as you the Judges of Lufkin required to pay off the fines they created, However; you will hear this terminology at some point and think Canine, but it is not a canine that is being discussed but a humane who is being treated as a lesser individual, or a prospect of some kind, or even an immigrant worker. Someone with less rights and privledges, as a group of people Peers of society judging and sentencing people and using them to do thier manual grunt work if you please.
In fact, this is a level that I am discussing with you today, so that you will understand that no one not even dogs should be treated this way.

Anything at all that is alive should have these protective rights, and the right to protect.
Would be fair to say, within this realm we should establish yet another humane act and let be equally divided among the living, provisionally.
This is my concern, but not my apple shiny bright.

There is no prosperity is there is none who are humane, and only administer corrections and disiplines and not freedom to pursue the right of life liberty and prosperity.

Back to my point is that I should be able to define and control my own assets and work accordingly to earn them, whether be respect, honor, or money as a form of payment, bartering.

None can be collectively so, If permissions on things are unorthodox ed, or per say ill gain, thievery, or misappropriated fund.

Dont we all deserve our pay for work done, and done correctly?



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