Tuesday, March 27, 2018


From The Desk of Tannie Gwin 2018 All rights reserved.
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From: Tannie Gwin
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2018 8:00 PM
Subject: Alright so he dumped, and how are you going to clean it up?

From The Desk of Tannie Gwin 2018 All rights reserved.

That is a horrible thought, however here is an idea seen at the coastal lines in late 60’ they took the tires and put concrete and poles to thwart off flooding on a pier. The tires repelled electrical currents thru the water and provided a safe dock for boats. Barbary coast, Texas. They also re invented the mason jars and served the first ever Vanilla Coke drink in a restaurant there on the coast Kema Texas 1977-78, Beltway 8  and found approval by their patrons, as a recycling ingenious ability.

Was another mans idea was to melt the tires and use them in a tar base for roofing companies. However foiled by the radial tire and the wirings that flows threw the new invention of the tires.

And so we have forgotten a lot about history of the coast and the proper disposal of tires.

And whoever thought that tires were more important than the proper disposal of such tires, this man who assumed the problem by  dumping them should also be considered as a “Limited thinker”, and should also be a part of the clean up process and educated of the proper disposal “GREEN EARTH”, and  Give this some serious thoughts ,and  re invent the wheel, and the flooding zones of Southern States as a possible solution.

Then also should be educated on The Texas laws of “NO LITTERING”, small charge for a big crime. That law has in effect since early 80’. People like that, rather than spending a lot of extra energy and the processing of the tires has neglected his responsibility to TEXAS. We have a large fine on that.

Lets also talk about dogs again, why do they call a whelping dog when given birth to her pups as a” litter” of pups?

Then easily disregards the proper steps to rid themselves of extra financial reliability and responsibility by dumping them at a national forest, or lakes, or roads, recreating the problem all over again of a cycle of abuse, then recreating the same problem they so detested about the dog and the litter? Imposing maybe even Poaching on someone else’s land. That in itself is selfish and inhuman treatment and encumbrance on the land.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME, but if you really want to change something so bad as this you would hear it and just make a mental note about it so that “HISTORY WOULD NOT REPEAT ITSELF” in these instances.

The true victim in all of this is the animals.
Is it that you cannot see these things unless you recreate the problem? Or is it just ignorance of the laws, and pushing forward with more impeedment like what will it be next time? Will it be human trafficking? Or Drug trafficking?

Thank God my limited funds do not have to submit to more than that. I do not even own a car, and I don’t need an extra tire.
That’s how I fell because I was relying on something so unstable.

Thanks For helping me with my “LITTERS”. I cannot express my deepest gratitude that even though I am a Christian and believe in the laws off Moses, I cannot bare the thought of the consequences of improperly disposal of this . Why I urge that people will follow thru with the plans set forth and laws that we should ABIDE BY.

There is always much more at risk than just ourselves.