Saturday, April 28, 2018


Things dont always go my way, you can see it as what you like. I am just one person who has tried to ake a difference and when you don't know what to say instead of trying to be the big man, the top on the totem pole. You won't know when it rains it pours. God had made every thing and in everything there is God.
If you were fortunate enough to hear his calling, and to know that it is God, some times he also calls for a vow of silence.

as a child we should learn to listen and if we dont hear what we want we continue talking. It is an old way that granmother taught that is being lost today, Children are to be seen and not heard.Once you start talking you destroy the picture of everything. If you are trying to get by you dont need someone to thow you off you path.
In my life time, I have lost many dear sweet loved ones. Whom I adore. And for this I ask for a VOW OF SILENCE. I wouldnt have to make a list of all o f them, but make a mental note and be compasionate on those who has passed on.

there is another type of silence, one that is asked not to get into other peoples business and write your own passage. You will be granted a right of passage,  provided you take this vow of silence. And this does not work out for some who have been victimized and for this we need to give them permission to speak. Give them permission to tell thier story.
John in the Holy Bible say, The word was with God and god was the word. If you bring life to those words, you may bring life to other things that may not be of God.
Wait for the word, wait for God to move in your life to oppen your eyes so that you can see clearly how these evil things are trying to come thru the right of passage and that you cannot give them.


When we pray we are silent, when people pass on they must never look back onto thier bodies that they must depart and we want this transition to be exactly as it should be.WE don't want you to weep and moan and cry, for it is our loss and Gods Gain. Notice our country takes a moment of silence for those who we call great and that have done so much for us. We will never forget the, and we will always remember them and I say you will be blessed and the Holy spirit will come upon you and in that you will be freed from the bondage of being in mourning.Its an Old way but its a good way.

This is;



I am not gonna slap you in the face with lies and alibis, this is the thing you think? that its okay to flaunt around letting everyone gawk and stare,  didn't you know do I have to tell you?
I think a little religion will go a long way. I don't believe in half the things I've done in life. But I do love my children and I don't think you got the right context to the word love. Like the old man that you are stood up and professed that life is a bitch and then you die. I don't believe in the religion of Sigmund Freud,  Carl Jung, although it good to understand it some people do have a hard time to digest these things ie. when then you hear oh he had an addiction and he must have been A.D.D. found his own remedy and self-medicated. He did have a world of problems and I hear that really why people get into that business anyway because they have the problems themselves.Who doesn't have problems these days? I don't think its fair to harp on one person till they are dead. But that what screws everything up.Did anyone profile Sigmund Freud no I don't think so? Everyone here has a profile. Everyone has a record some are impressive. The record of a vigilante to boot? This couldn't go any worse, some people call them bread and butter Candy is a good treat but it is not a good teacher.
Like some call it cracking a nut. I call it the most dangerous thing that has ever been done.The warning go out and everyone hears it. ASking to stop pushing so hard.  I don't know what is going to happen but I will know it when I see it. We should eat together but you know that history does repeat itself and I wouldn't unless I could cook it for you.
You defined love is the design of mankind, not GOD. Some say Karma, I said again its man design, not GODS.
Some don't believe in GOD but in GODS.Some call it Mythology, some call it the undisputed truth.

But when you have to ditch it you know that sometimes there just ain't any other escape.
I am just grateful that I am lucky enough to be here today,  and I may be falling apart but life doesn't have to end there.Pressing onward, moving into the goals that I have created myself gives me great satisfaction, to know I've completed my task and I didn't leave a bunch of junk behind, and I didn't leave it worse than what I started with. I blessed everyone including the ones I didn't like. I offered to pray for the lost and the lonely the sick and the hungry, momma and daddy's sister and brothers.a very good point made.

Don't be mad, don't let them take you down make you respond to them in a way that you will regret. DO everything you can and keep working towards the goal,
peace, and love be yours. Forever and day. Please .....don't do what you think you should do pray and ask GOD for deliverance.Ask God for what you need. don't ask me.

Everyone has to eat, even the vultures,

Friday, April 27, 2018

Awareness Being fore warned is fore armed

Not everyone got a wake-up notice by phone or by mail, the signature of a handy worker who just puts herself in places where they should not be.
Everyone has heard "I was in the wrong place at the wrong time". But not everyone can use that excuse.

Well, when the memo hit national tv I knew it was a hoax. President Regan on tv saying the war on drugs was over? and this was a hoax. It's not over it just sent the wrong message and the war was raging on in the USA.

It is not well within the medical profession, cause many children were affected by widespread cancer, that ate the hole in everyone's pocketbook and lifestyles.

Then you hear that they have legalized it in Five states, and it was probable? THough people would not tolerate cigarette billboard and cigarette ads in magazines, there was a tale that they were widespread billboards in Seattle Washington.

When the drug addict left his wife cause she wouldn't comply with her husband,  drug addicts let all the filthy, scum of the earth in as if she didn't take care of herself and was a prostitute.

She didn't have any reputation except the ones you gave her.

You'll hear that the Harley Davidson company was reduced to  AN oriental company, Good Ole USA, then you'll hear we had to ride three to a bicycle to get back and forth to work and all this was bullshit?

It couldn't have been any worse than it was I don't need my proof in the pudding, Cause I know pudden and that aint pudden....

I could ask for more proof. I knew i was in trouble because of him. Was he burning liqueur?

Burned the alcohol prohibition, and then no one could have a pack of cigarettes, is that not a set of dominos?

damn I almost died, now no one can burn that hatred inside of me, for that man.

I tell you, you are going to get it, with a knife a fork and a spoon.
How are you gonna find the one who done it?

So we couldn't have a knife and fork only a spoon and I told them what you done with the spoon.

he wouldn't quit taking the spoons an putting them in his pocket. and when they were missing we had to eat with our hands.
they just called us animals, but there was a story behind it. And only you knew it!!!!

then someone tried to knock her dominos down, and see all the missing pieces to the story?

So if they thought they could line it up right there wouldn't be any problem but guess again, who showed up at the dead party?
It wasnt a dead party? So somebody is gonna have to pay for that one there......and you didnt?

who again? Did?
the number slowly dwindled away until you guessed it.