Friday, August 24, 2018

Forgetting is Key, Forgiveness is Divine

There has been so much that has happened to people, And just to stay out of trouble is the goal. However sometimes you cannot and at this time you may need a little forgiveness. And trying to keep up with all your enemies is almost next to impossible. Being like a black sheep that you are you are not like all the other people that you meet. No you have a key to life that all others cannot even measure up to. Even in the face of adversary, even the hardest of hearts cannot begrudge you. And because you are not like everyone else people want to see a change, and who knows maybe you won't be the next President of the USA maybe your life will be very different and important enough that you will not die in a blaze of glory, Because you know how o forgive and forget, and even your own body will not give up and somewhere its your worst enemy.
People forget for all reasons, But forgiving someone doesn't really change who they are, you ask God for forgiveness, and to be forgiven, and you forgive others. But that only changes you. It doesn't mean they will go away and not bother you anymore it means you have to get tough and be able t go against the whiles of Satan. To win a friend who is worthy of your friendship. Who will not at no time cause you any grief. These people were tossed out onto the streets of survivalist. They were sent an army with no one to teach them, and lost in the game. They need further instructions and there is no one to give them instructions. You chose your own pupils, your own disciples, and if you have this opportunity how would you fare?
Many ways that this will defeat you, and you will wish that you wouldn't be subject to it. but you're in the game no matter if you wanted be or not. That's where your life put you. Your work is important but there is very little to gain from it financially. You cant quit cause it never was a job. You make it what you want it to be and then hope it stays put.
Sometimes it doesn't and you have to go redo it.

PEACE TO EVERYONE TODAY! never idolize people that plan destruction and Chaos.

Maybe it can put you on a path that is less dangerous, and the correct places you will safe from harm.
Forgetting is key-forgiveness divine.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Cinnamon Tea By Texastannie



Take two and half teaspoons of cinnamon,
1/4 teaspoon of Cheyenne Pepper,
1/2 cup of Cane sugar,
8-16 packets of sweet n low, 16 if not using the cane sugar ingredient, or if like to use some honey.
10 small teabags or three family size

Cook the tea as usual in a pot and low to steep or using a coffee pot 
10-12 cups of water,

In a gallon picture add cinnamon, and Cheyenne pepper,sweetener,
add the hot tea to the picture and let steep,

Immediately after 20 minutes pour a cup of hot tea,
you can also add 10-12 more cups of water to dilute the concentration,

For them cold day mornings I will suggest a few teaspoons of straight Corn Whiskey to a cup of hot Cinnamon. 

Clear your throat, calm your nerves, clear your sinus's, calm upset stomach.

Never drink the bottom cup or two of the drink because it turns into a syrup and looks like the bottom of a spitoon.


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